Bastler builds an AIM

AIM-BOTS is no longer just games. A technically talented guy has built an AIM bot in real life after many hours of work. You can attract that and he cares for that you are barely shooting with arrow and bow. How the matter has been implemented, you will learn here at Meinmmo.

Who is it? Wighton from the YouTube channel Stuff made here is a tinker, who likes to build crazy things, including a machine that automatically cuts hair or a basketball basket, the balls catches.

His latest project was a kind of aim-bot for real life, with which he shoots so precisely without any skill arrows with a bow so precisely, which he never misses the target.

Why did he do that? The idea of ​​bow aim bot came to him after seeing old videos of his wife. This is a passable archer and in the videos she seems to make every goal. But Good in something is so 20th century! Wighton said, making sure to compensate for his missing skill with the arch by technology and engineering.

Bugs, wrong bow and beating on the nose

How did the development first? First Wighton constructed two robots. One was a kind of glove where the sheet was attached and the movements to the target on the X and Y axis performed. The other bot should then release the tendon at the right time.

But that did not really work and according to its own statement Wighton at the end had only a heavy, crappy arc.

So that the two robots had a precise position of the target and the necessary firearms, he installed eight opticam cameras in the room. The total angle covered overall and tracked the position of the target in real time. With the data of the cameras, the software of the bots was then able to calculate the position of the target and its way of movement in the theory and thus land the perfect shot.

What were the problems? A big problem in the beginning was that Wighton was regularly punching in the face. As soon as the bot unlocked the tendon, the hand with the offered due to the freely became backwards and reliably met Wighton’s nose. It requires a lot of exercise to brake the hand.

But even then the automatic meeting did not work anyway. The Aimbot shot miles alongside and the coded test in the competition with his wife, who shot with a normal bow, went home high to the spouse.

Aimbot even meets tiny lego male

How did the final solution look like? After a long analysis Wighton finally came behind the problem. It was probably on the bow itself, because the Recurve Bow used by him was responsible for the arrow after shooting around.

That could have been able to solve that with properly software programming, but that was Wighton to stupid and he rather invested some money in a modern compound bow. These are these bizarre things with which athletes compete in high-grade competitions.

Such arches shoot very precisely and the arrows loops less around.

But as the whole construction was very heavy, Wighton built a suspension that was attached to a kind of body armor dishes.

With this full-body-aimbot Wighton was finally ready and could beat his wife in every conceivable situation. His arrows always met with mechanical precision and even tiny Lego males could not escape.

In the end triumphed technology. But Wighton would have become a good shooter in the end, if he had put the many weeks of work better in practicing archery.

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