Xbox presents its new stereo headphones Date of launch and price

Xbox presents its new stereo headphones. The model, reminiscent of the wireless version launched in the first half of the year, hstereo headphones a 3.5 mm audio connector that can be connected estereo headphonesily into the control, to your PC or your mobile devices. It will be marketed from September 21 at a recommended price of 59.99 euros .


According to Jessica Tsujikawa, Senior Product Manager in the Division, Xbox stereo headphones carry everything you can expect from the brand’s products, such stereo headphones its performance, featured functions, quality and accessibility . We wanted to offer you more value to the entrance category of our headphones, which includes a clean microphone performance, high-quality ears pads and a volume control dial on the right ear, underlines it.

The headphones allow you to adjust the length of the speakers to graduate comfortably how you want to adjust it to your head. In addition to the integrated volume controller, you can silence your microphone from a button on the bottom of it. To generate the best possible experience through the game, the group talk, music and cinema, the team hstereo headphones adjusted the headphones to replicate the Audio Source records that the creators want you to experience, explains Tsujikawa.

Thanks to this, the headphones will allow a clean performance in the average and high frequencies with severe low. Supports high-fidelity spatial sound technologies, such stereo headphones applications Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone X .

stereo headphones we said at the beginning, the stereo headphones of xbox are already available to book in our country through the Microsoft Store. The shipment will be free, which guarantees its arrival date on the same launch day: next September 21, 2021.

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