LG Electronics 6G Terrahertz Band Communication Signal 100m Transport Success

LG Electronics said it was successful at 100m wireless data transmission and reception from the THZ band, using the THz band.

LG Electronics has been successful to send a telecommunication signal at a straight 100m straight away from an outdoor using a 6G Terrahertz band at the Proto Herchipan-Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany, on the 13th.

Proto hopper is the largest application of the European Science Research Institute, and has 75 research institutes and 20,000 employees throughout Germany. LG Electronics collaborated with ‘Proto Hopper Hainrich-Hertz Research Institute‘, ‘Praun Hopper Applied Solid Physics Institute‘.

LG Electronics and Proto Hopper were jointly developed a power amplifier that stabilizes the communication signal in the 6G Terrahertz band. The ultra-wideband, such as 6G Terrahert, has been shorter frequency reaching, and power amplifiers for power loss in the antenna transmission and reception are the largest stumbling blocks for power losses.

The power amplifier is an essential device that amplifies the signal in a mobile communication environment to increase the communication distance. The newly developed power amplifier pulled the output signal to a maximum of 15dBm, which is the world’s top level to enable stable transmission and reception in the band range of 155 to 175 GHz.

LG Electronics has developed a ‘high gain antenna switching’ technology that transfers ‘variable beamforming’ and a plurality of output signals to an antenna with a ‘variable beamforming’ and a plurality of output signals that convert the beam direction according to the power amplifier in this demonstration and receiver position.

6G Mobile Communications starts to discuss standardization in 2025, and commercialization is expected in 2029.

It is possible to support communication of low-performance wireless transmission speed, low-delay, high-reliability, faster than 5G. People, things, and spaces, etc., are considered to be able to enable a close and organically linked all things that are intelligent, and the global makers are giving ahead of them.

LG Electronics has established the LG-Kaist 6G Research Center in 2019, followed by a LG-Kaist 6G Research Center in the year, and then securing 6G core source technology, including strengthening global wireless communication test measurement equipment manufacturing key sites and collaboration I am spurring.

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In addition, in June, it is selected as the Chairman of the NeXT G Alliance (ATIS) hosted by the US Telecommunications Industry Association (ATIS) and is expected to play a key role in the next 6G related leading technical discussion and service directional presentation.

LG Electronics’ Top Technical Officer (CTO) Park, Myeong-jung, said, We have reached a step further in the 6G era of the demonstration, said Global 6G, I will lead technology development.

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