Pok mon Go Zacian Counter – We show you the best attackers

As of today, August 20, 2021, you will meet the legendary Band of Band Zacian for the first time in Pokémon Go. This will now be found in level 5 incursions in the form of heroic warrior of it. We will tell you what counterattacks you must use better against Zacian to quickly decide the incursion for you.

When will Zacian appear? The legendary Pokémon appears as part of the Third Hyperbonus event in level 5. You can find it there at the next period:

  • From Friday, August 20, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. local time
  • Before Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 10:00 A.m., Local Time

Zacian (Heroic warrior form) – All information and counterattacks

What kind of Pokémon is that? Zacian is a legendary Fairy Pokémon. It comes from the eighth generation and is known by the series of Sword and Shield games, where it adorns the cover of Sword. His counterpart is the legendary Pokémon Zamacenta.

Like other legendary monsters, Zacian has two different ways: the Heroic warrior form and the king of the sword. In Pokémon Go you can only meet the heroic form of warrior so far.

Zacian in her form of heroic warrior (left) and as the king of the sword (right) through pokemon.com

Zacian exists as Shiny? No. Unfortunately, until now you can not get Zacian in his dazzling form in the game.

Use this counterattack against Zacian (Heroic warrior form)

Since Zacian comes from the fairy type in his heroic warrior form, he has a particular weakness against the attacks of the poison and steel type. You must take this into account when gathering your team and choosing appropriate attackers. We have summarized for you what counterattacks are better against Zacian with the help of the general description of Pokebattler (through Pokebattler.com):

Pokémon | Set of movements
— | —
(Crypto-) metagross | Bullet blow and stroke
(Crypto-) Volcanoes | Vortices of fire and heat frenzy
(Crypto-) mewtwo | Confusion and psychological push
(Crypto-) Sarzenia | Acid and mud pump
Dialga | Metal claw and iron skull
Roserade | Poison blow and sleet pump
(Crypto-) giflor | Acid and mud pump

Zacian released in Ultra lock 3 (Sword & Shield) with new other pokemon go debut in the wild..
Stalobor | Metal claw and iron skull
(Crypto-) Scherox | Blow cartridge and iron skull
(Crypto-) Skuntank | Poison blow and sleet pump

Use these Mega Developments against Zacian: You can also use your mega developments very well against Zacian. These are especially suitable as counterattack:

  • Mega Charizard and with a vortex of fire and fire cannon
  • Mega gene with Schlecker and Mud Bomb
  • Mega Bisaflor with tendril and mud pump
  • Head mega pigeon with steel and chopped wings

Is it worth Zacian (Heroic warrior form)?

As we could see in the general description of GamePress, Zacian can convince in his heroic form of Guerrero with high values ​​in attack and defense (through GamePress.gg). The resistance, however, is only average. In addition, he can learn several instantaneous and load attacks.

Although it is a fairy-type Pokémon, it does not have an instant attack of that guy. That causes Zacian less interesting to use in incursions or in the PVP League. And even the brilliant hunters will be sad that there is no dazzling specimen of Zacian to catch.

However, since this is the first time this Pokémon appears in the game, you should definitely get a copy or another.

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