Shooter Experiment Youtuber builds Aimbot in real life

The Youtuber Shane Wighton demonstrates on his channel Stuff made here that his engineering level must be extremely high. His latest invention brings a video game nightmare into real life: the Aimbot.

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Unlike in Warzone or Counter-Strike, this Aimbot deserves respect and recognition. What in shooters is the worst nightmare for players, in real life becomes an impressive engineering performance. On his Youtube channel Stuff Mode Here realized Shane Wighton The craziest machines. Its the latest invention is a sheet with built-in Aimbot.

The real shooter nightmare

Almost everyone who has once played online a shooter has come across a player with Aimbot. What is quite annoyed in video games is quite cool in real life. The hardware to hit a target with an arrow is actually quite simple: you need a bow. To automatically make every goal with this, but a whole lot is needed. Using eight tracking cameras , engines , which correct the sheet, and a software , which calculates the target detection and corrections, Wighton manages to tinker a real aimbot.

Instead of like a medieval shooter, Wighton looks more like a super soldier from Crysis . After changing from the classic reflex sheet to modern compound arch as a result of some failure tests, he looks even more like a character from a futuristic video game. The picture rounds the vest on which the heavy bow is attached, additionally.

Even at movable goals the bow truly and also the apple after Wilhelm Tell shoots Wighton from the head. The latter was of course from Styrofoam. The precision that reaches the Aimbot is really impressive. For everyday life, however, Wimighton’s development is a bit awkward. In a hazard situation, first to build the eight cameras and vote everything, should be quite impractical if the bear stands in front of him.

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