Amateur builds a pet of aim to use in real life

The target bots are not only available in games. A technically endowed boy built a robot of aiming in real life after many hours of work. He can put it on and ensures that he almost does not miss any arrow and arrow. You can find out how the subject was implemented here in wife.

Who is the person you are talking about? Wighton of the YouTube Canal Stuff Made Here is a handyman who likes to build crazy things, including a machine that automatically cuts hair or a basketball hoop that Catch balls.

His last project was a kind of Aim-bot for real life, with which he shoots arrows with a bow with such precision that he never fails on the goal.

Why did you do that? The idea of ​​the aiming bot with bow occurred after watching ancient videos of his wife. It is an acceptable archery and in the videos seems to be successful in all the objectives. But Being good at something is so the twentieth century! Said Wighton and immediately prepared to compensate for him’s ability with the arch with technology and engineering.

Errors, false arches and blows on your nose.

How was the development first? First, Wighton built two robots. One was a kind of glove to which the arc was attached and that made movements towards the target on the X and Y axes. The other robot should release the tendon at the right time.

That really did not work, however, and according to him itself, Wighton ended up simply having a heavy reverence and shit.

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He installed eight Opticam cameras in the room so that the two robots had an exact position of the lens and the required shot angle. In general, they covered all the necessary angles and tracked the position of the objective in real time. Using the data of the cameras, the software of the bots could theoretically calculate the position of the lens and its trajectory and perform the perfect shooting.

What were the problems? A big problem at the beginning was that Wighton hit his face regularly. As soon as the robot released the tendon, his hand with the robot moved back due to the energy released and hit the Nose of Wighton reliably. Some practice was needed to curb your hand.

But even then, the automatic meeting continued without working. The Aimot failed miles and the proof of shooting in the competition with his wife, who he shot with a normal arch, left his wife.

Star Trek Online in 2021

Aimbot even knows little Lego men

How was the final solution? After a long analysis, Wighton finally discovered the problem. Probably he was due to the bow itself, because the arc appears that he was using was responsible for the fact that the arrow staggered after being shot.

That could have been resolved with a lot of software programming, but Wighton was too stupid and preferred to invest some money in a modern composite bow. These are the strange things that athletes use to compete in high-level competences.

These arches shoot with great precision and the arrows stale less.

Since all construction was very heavy, Wighton built a suspension that was attached to a kind of body armor harness.

With this whole body aimot, Wighton was finally ready and was able to beat Him’s wife in all imaginable situations. The arrows of him always gave in the target with mechanical precision and even the little men of Lego could not escape.

In the end, technology triumphed about skill. But Wighton could have turned out to be a good shooter at the end if he had dedicated many weeks of work to practice archery.

This guy in Warzone shows how you can miss miserably in the games despite Aimbot.

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