Naruto The 10 strongest ninja tools in the series classified

Naruto is one of the most popular SHONEN series, and rightly. The show is full of memorable characters, an excellent construction of the world, a fascinating story and some of the best battles in the history of Shonen.

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While the incredible jutsu present in the program are easily one of the older sexiers, you can not stop mentioning the ninja tools used in the series as well. After all, one of the first iconic moments of Naruto came from a ninja tool that has become famous in its own right. It is enough to say that this ninja tool will be mentioned in this list, along with several others.

10 smoke pump

It is possible that the Naruto smoke pump does not damage enemies. However, it is the main tool used by the ninjas of this world when they need to plan a furtive leak.

The fact that a single smoke curtain can confuse even the highest level ninja is a testimony of how useful the smoke pump is. It is easily one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of any shinobi.

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