Xbox announces new headphones with cable

At the beginning of the year we saw the arrival of Xbox Wireless Headset to the market. This device offers us a high quality audio without the need for a cable, and it is a good way to enjoy the games in your X | s series. Now, today, the Xbox Stereo Headset has been revealed, Accessory that is very similar to the company’s previous headphones, but these do need to be connected.

Unexpectedly, Xbox surprised us today with the announcement of some new high-quality hearing aids. The Xbox Stereo HeadSet is connected by means of a 3.5mm input, it does not require any type of battery , it offers us a flexible and lightweight design, as well as easy-access-ease control for volume. This accessory is compatible with consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

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As if that were not enough, the Xbox Stereo Headset uses high-lived space sound technologies, including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: x. This accessory will be on sale from next September 21 in The Microsoft Store and in select stores worldwide. Its price is $ 59.99, or $ 1,599 pesos.

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Via: Xbox.

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