Fortnite challenge guide Inflicts damage with an attached alien parasite

During season 7 of Fortnite, week 11, there were a lot of challenges related to alien parasites. Now, as part of week 12, there is one more to complete. This week, you have the task of inflicting damage while an alien parasite is attached to you, which can be difficult if you are not lucky. While you can easily get an alien parasite attached to your head, find another player to harm is a possibility, so it can be a frustrating experience if your goal is to do it in the normal way.

Fortunately, there is a much simpler method to finish this challenge. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to complete it. Here it is explained how to hurt with an attached alien parasite in Fortnite.

Fortnite: How To Get Alien Off Head??? - (3 Easy Ways) - Alien Parasites - [Season 7]

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Where to find an alien parasite

Alien parasites are found everywhere in Fortnite and appear as small eggs on the walls and trees. The map above (thanks, has the locations of all alien parasites. If you approach them, nothing will happen until the eggs hatch. To do so, simply shoot the eggs and the parasite will go out and go to you. All you have to do is stop nearby, and you will stick to your head, and when you do it, your health will be slowly exhausted. However, in exchange for that, you get a temporary speed increase.

For the purposes of this challenge, we recommend that you go to Holly Hatchery, where there is a ton of alien parasites and NPC. Go to the area of ​​low gravity to find extraterrestrial parasites inside the department store, in the center. Be sure to loot and find weapons in this area so you can prepare for the next step.

How to hurt with an attached alien parasite

Once the parasite is attached, all you need to do is find a NPC or an intruder in this area. Usually, they are walking alone on the street. Once you have seen one, simply inflict 150 damage to complete the challenge without having to face another real player. You will have to complete this process quickly so that you do not miss the opportunity to find an intruder, since other enemy players could eliminate them before you can inflict them.

Certainly, there are other areas that work well for this challenge, such as Lazy Lake, but using the method that we have just described is usually the easiest. Once you have inflicted 150 damage while an alien parasite is in your head, you will complete the challenge and earn 30,000 XP for your problems.

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