Review of Hammerhead True Wireless Earphones Low Latence Beauty

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I did not have a lot of luck with the headphones over the years. As a person who brings them religiously during training, a hike or simply mowing the lawn, they never seem to last long. Mainly because I sweat extensively, to the point that even the best sports and water-resistant earphones end up humidifying and dying. As a result, I never want to spend a lot of money for a pair, unless I know they will last. Are Razer’s True Wireless Hammerhead True Wireless headphones? Probably not, but when it comes to playing and listening to music when you are not wet, the hammerhead offers a fantastic audio experience.

Aside from my inability to find heads capable of withdrawing a torrential rain of perspiration, the hammerhead is perfectly designed for the games on the move. For the purposes of this review, I mainly tested all on my iPhone and my tablet surface. The hammerhead would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch; However, Nintendo does not allow Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones, which is regrettable.

Similar to Apple AirPods, the hammerhead includes a fast portable case. It looks clean but easily disappears. The headphones fit well into the case as they constitute an excellent small storage and load center. The case does not have a wireless charge; However, once you have changed the case, you benefit from a load autonomy of more than 32 hours. More information about the battery life below.

In addition to the headphones and the holster, you get the USB-A loading cable to USB-C braided, a strap, a packet of silicone tips, warranty information and an instruction booklet. You get all this for the suggested retail price of $ 169 CA / US $ 129. A price that is not bad and cheaper than Wireless Epos GTW 270 headphones that I have examined, but a little more than what I would like to spend for wireless headphones.

I will say, do not waste this case! You can not load the headphones without this case. If you are the kind of person who absolutes and easily loses things, take note.

Connectivity to my iPhone and surface was surprisingly fast and transparent. If you have an Android, you can enjoy the quick coupling function. My iPhone quickly captured the Bluetooth signal and connected in a flash. Unlike many other devices I used over the years, the hammerhead has no pairing problem. Earphones also light automatically when you remove them from the case, which is a small interesting feature. Yet they do not stop when you remove them from your ears, which is a disappointment.

The headphones themselves do not seem cheap at all and illuminate wonderfully with the RAZER logo on each ear. This is something I have never experienced on any set of headphones and the result is rather cool. You can also customize the lights with the Chroma RGB application. It’s easy to use and loved the different lighting effects. It’s fun playing with the application and check the different settings and colors. The best part of the lights, if you drop a earpiece, you will find it easily.

They are also very comfortable in my ears. I usually find the headphones a little uncomfortable, but the hammerhead is well adjusted and I have never been afraid they give up. I went out for them and I tired my lawn. In each case, they sat firmly in my ears and never fallen. Nor did I have to exchange tips against a different size because the default tips were doing work effectively.

Razer says that the hammerhead will last about 32.5 hours per load, which seems impressive, but it implies throwing it in the case every time it dies. I found that I got about 4 to 6 hours per load. I arrange the headphones in the case, so it was difficult to say if I actually had more than 30 hours of load time before having to plug the cable. I should note that if you turn off the lights and noise removal functions, you will get more mileage of your load.

As for the way they sound, Razer’s hammerhead is very powerful. Even better after downloading the RAZER audio application. Here, I adjusted the equalizer as I wanted. I have always been a bass guy, so the Improved Bass option was quite in my alley and she had an impact. The songs of the Spotify application seemed exceptional. The clarity is impressive. Clear treble and wealthy serious offer an impressive audio experience. The noise removal function also works very well. Although I have no complaint, the real test for me will be when I can wear them in an airplane every time it will happen again.

When playing mobile games, the audio quality was excellent and rivals with all helmets or earphones I have ever experienced. The low latency mode (60 ms) actually the ideal headphones for games. I have never noticed an offset or audio delay in the games I played. Just like headphone audio, I have no worries about their performance during the games.

Tactile sensors on headphones; However, are problematic. I ended up constantly touching my left atrium by stopping music or jumping songs inadvertently. It’s capricious and there is an abrupt learning curve. Even at the time of the exam, I always spoil the gestures. They simply do not react as they should. It’s a slightly heavy system.

At the base, Razer True Wireless Hammerhead Earphones sound fantastically, are comfortable and have a lot of things for them. To play and listen to music on the move, you will not be disappointed and you will look great because the RGB lights are catchy. Despite some of its faults, the hammerhead is a solid option for those looking for high-end anti-celers to play on the move.

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