So you simply win Scramble games Kick Flight

Win the Scramble game mode in the latest mobile multiplayer game Kick-Flight

Kick Flight is the latest multiplayer game for Android and iOS, and we have to admit that this is a good one. It comes with a bright, beautiful art style, cute characters, dozens of disc creatures (attacks, basically) to collect and a fun gameplay loop, which will repeat it again and again to learn more.

  • Kick-Flight is a multiplayer action game from the air, which can be pre-registered for Android

At the moment, Kick-Flight does not have many players, but things are already competitive and only heat up. This could be one of the next major mobile multiplayer games where everyone should be involved.

They fly in a four-headed team around stages and hunt crystals to collect them. They collect as many as possible, save them and fight against other teams around them. At the end of the game, the team wins with most crystals.

Conceptually, it is a simple game that has many nuances both in terms of strategies and control. That’s why we wrote this guide to you. Follow these tips, and you will be able to master the battleship quickly and recover again and again. You know that you want, so just read what we have below …

1 Crystals Collect

This is the main goal of scramble game mode you mainly play until you reach S-rank. They start in an arena and use the flight skills acquired in the tutorial to grab crystals.

Fortunately, crystals are often lined up in a row, and they can fly out in a neat line. Knowledge of the stage layout is always at hand. So make thought about where crystals are tight.

Of course you can also get in touch with enemies during hunting. Struggling is always good, but do not invade a fight with several enemies.

2 crystal storage

If you have packed a few crystals, go back to the crystal container – the big ball. Landel below and keep the button that appears to give him your crystals.

If you die when wearing crystals, they all lose them. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep it to avoid this. If you have ten crystals, keep it up immediately.

You can also attack the enemy crystal store, and it loses a crystal for each piece of health that you take away from it. But be aware that the ball can attack and kill her with few shots – even faster when enemies are nearby …

3 Kill the crystal carriers

If you fly around and collect your own crystals, you should sometimes take an offensive attitude. If you fly past an enemy, which is slightly highlighted by the user interface, you will see a number next to his symbol, and this number indicates how many crystals he wears.

Only one crystal can mean the difference between victory and defeat. However, if you see an enemy with up to ten crystals fly around, you know that it’s time to fight. If you defeat you, this can give your team an enormous advantage.

This also means that you should pay attention to being a goal yourself. Go back to the crystal store immediately when you have multiple crystals so they do not enlighten enemies to attack them.

4 Kicker attacks

One of the most important things is the kind of movements that your kicker has. And I do not mean the skills and monsters you can equip for new attacks, but their normal movements.

Normal attacks and special skills are very important. Some are just up close, others can be used from afar to pursue an enemy, and others serve only to support their allies.

You must put kickers in test mode to practice with their movements and find the kickers that fit their style of play. Practice creates masters!

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