Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 Velocopter New Add On

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On the release of the World Update 6 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, players have to wait a bit: the big patch is available for download from 7 September. Only recently did the developers announced not to be able to comply with the targeted appointment on 24th August. The extra time is needed to achieve the desired quality for the update. The focus is on the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Players may look forward to many new photogramme data, around 100 attractions and new airports, including Lübeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St. Gallen.

Around the Xbox Digital Showcase 2021, the developers introduced further details. In our preview video below, we summarize the upcoming changes in the world update 6 – and talk to Developer Chief Jörg Neumann about the individual innovations. In addition, new exploration flights, land challenges and Bush Trips are stuck in the patch. In addition, the team has announced a new series of aircraft named Local Legends, which should coincide with the individual world updates. These aircraft are famous in the region of each world update, but often not so well known for a worldwide audience. With World Update 6, you rises to the cockpit of a famous German aircraft from 1930 – the Junkers Ju-52, writes Microsoft. The plane is available from September 7 for 14.99 euros in the Microsoft Flight Simulator (Buy Now 69.99 €).

Flight Simulator: Germany Update, Junkers Ju 52 & Helicopter

Microsoft Flight Simulator

from 69,99 €

Furthermore, the makers announce a cooperation with the German company Volocopter. The Volocity Air Taxi is the first step towards the introduction of one of the most requested aircraft – helicopter. The Volocity Air Taxi will appear in November 2021, says Microsoft. The new information is rounded off from the announcement of a partnership with the Reno Air Racing Association (Rara). This will be Stihl National Championship Air Races part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. The RENO AIR RACE is the first major extension for Microsoft Flight Simulator, says Microsoft with and complements that it enters the add-on against players from around the world. The expansion pack should appear in autumn.

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