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Pokémon Go is a 2016 increased reality (AR) mobile game developed as well as published by Niantic in cooperation with Nintendo as well as The Pokémon Business for iOS and Android tools. A component of the Pokémon franchise, the game is the outcome of a cooperation between Niantic, Nintendo as well as The Pokémon Firm. It utilizes smart phones with GENERAL PRACTITIONER to situate, capture, train, and fight online animals, called Pokémon, which look like if they remain in the gamer’s real-world area. The game is free-to-play; it makes use of a freemium company version combined with neighborhood marketing as well as sustains in-app purchases for added in-game things. The game introduced with about 150 species of Pokémon, which had actually boosted to around 600 by 2020.
Pokémon Go was released to combined testimonials; doubters commended the concept yet criticized technical issues. It was just one of one of the most used as well as rewarding mobile apps in 2016, having been downloaded and install greater than 500 million times around the world by the end of the year. It is attributed with promoting location-based as well as AR technology, promoting exercise, as well as assisting neighborhood businesses grow due to increased foot traffic. However, it attracted conflict for adding to crashes and also producing public problems. Various federal governments shared concerns regarding security, and also some nations regulate its usage. The video game had over 147 million month-to-month energetic customers by May 2018, over a billion international downloads by very early 2019, and also earned greater than $6 billion in earnings since 2020.

Soon there will be a new function for Pokéstops in Pokémon Go. This should allow you to climb the Pokéstops level. In Niantic we have analyzed what is already known about it and we have summarized this information for you.

What kind of feature is that? For a few weeks, there have been reports and pokeman findings that revolve around a new function in Pokéstops. Specifically, it is enhancers in Pokéstops, which should soon be possible in the game.

Until now, Niantic has maintained a low profile on this new function and has not yet officially commented on it. However, this has also been the case with other updates, functions or events in the past. For this reason, at this time, this article refers to the findings of the DataMiners.

However, we update this article regularly and we will inform you as soon as there is official Niantic information.

What are Pokeminers?
The Pokeminers are a group of data miners that regularly seek new information in the game code. Then, they put these findings available to the public for other Pokémon Go players. This allowed confirming some innovations in the past before its real release. However, since the data is not official information, Niantic can change them at any time or even decide not to publish them completely.

All information about the new POKESTOP function

When will the new function come? Currently there is no official launch date for this function. However, the findings of the pokemans have increased in recent days, which may suggest that it will not be a long time. As soon as there is a concrete start date, it will be as follows here, in Niantic.

Are the sands affected by the new function? According to data miners, in addition to the Pokéstops, the Arenas should also be able to level up with the introduction of the new function (through reddit.com).

How will the new Pokéstop function work?


According to the data that Pokeminers have found so far, it can be said that Pokéstops enhancers should be closely linked to AR scanning. A certain amount of scans should have been performed in a pokéstop to increase level. It is not yet known how many should be in each case.

It is likely that the situation is similar for sands, because these can also be scanned using AR mode. It has not yet been discovered if there are other options for one ignition in Pokéstops and Arenas in addition to the scan.

How many levels are there? As you can see in the next Pokéminers Twitter publication, in addition to normal state, another 3 levels are provided for each pokéstop. As soon as a pokéstop climbs level, upload a little more.

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You can also know how many levels you are looking at the number of crossbars at the bottom of the pokéstop (through reddit.com). However, the information of the data miners does not yet reveal how this will be seen with the sands.

Is that power remain permanent? No. According to the Pokéminers, it should not be a permanent condition (through reddit.com). New scans should be made at regular intervals to maintain a level Pokéstop.

If that does not happen, you will return to a normal Pokéstop and then you can get new Power-Ups. The duration of the enhancers could not be discovered in the game code.

What brings you with the new function?

Of course, you will also be rewarded by Pokémon Go by climbing Pokéstops and Arenas level. The Pokeminers have already found the first clues about what a Power-Up could bring you. We have summarized this information for you below (through reddit.com):

  • Bonus items such as berries, balls and potions, but also dust of stars or coins.
  • Special engenders
  • Lucky twist, in which you stop the disc of photos where you started to turn it.
  • Bonus incursion balls
  • Statistics on the number of Pokéstops and Scanned Arenas

It remains to be seen if there will be more bonuses and what elements of bonus and engendros expect you of the enhancers at the moment.

As soon as there are new findings of the DataMiners for the new function in Pokéstops or Niantic comment officially on the launch, you will discover it in this article about Niantic.

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