World of Warships Offends Streamer with Embassy in Bonus

A wargame is a game that reasonably replicates war, instead of abstract approach games such as chess. Wargaming might be played for entertainment, to train army officers in the art of critical reasoning, or to research the nature of potential conflicts. Numerous wargames recreate specific historical battles, as well as can cover either whole battles, or any kind of projects, battles, or lower-level interactions within them. Several mimic land battle, yet there are wargames for marine and air combat too.
Typically, occasions based on live action (people really executing substitute combat tasks) are not taken into consideration wargames. Some authors might refer to an armed force’s area training workouts as online wargames, however particular establishments such as the US Navy do not accept this. Likewise, tasks like paintball are sports rather than wargames.
Modern wargaming was developed in Prussia in the very early 19th-century, as well as eventually the Prussian armed forces taken on wargaming as a tool for educating their police officers and developing teaching. After Prussia beat France in the Franco-Prussian War, wargaming was commonly taken on by armed forces police officers in other nations. Civilian fanatics also played wargames for enjoyable, but this was a specific niche hobby up until the development of customer electronic wargames in the 1990s.

BeWorld of Warships are the next scandal. A critical streamer has recently been offended by a hidden message in a bonus code. Wargaming reacted quickly, apparently fired the responsible employee and apologized to a funny way.

Who is it? The Russian Streamer Turry (link to his Youtubne-channel) regularly streams to Wargamings game World of Warships.

Turry was formerly community contributor. But unlike numerous prominent streamers who voluntarily went out of the program to protest against those in their eyes unfair pricing policy of Wargaming, Turry should have been excluded from the developers according to statements from the Wargaming Forum (Via Forum), since He criticized her several times. Among other things, he should have accused them not to gamble their own game.

What was that for an insulting code? In an official Warships stream of Wargaming, recently, bonus codes for free goodies were distributed – a completely normal action on such events. The bonus code was W0LAXU5FKUTURY5 and soon became English-speaking users in the forum (via forum) and asked if anybody questioned that in the code quasi Fuck You Turry.

The letter sequence FKUTURY would be quite clear and that could not be a coincidence.

Wargaming gives insult, fires responsible

Was that really intention? While was still debated, whether the letters were an important last billing to the uncomfortable streamer or really just a bizarre coincidence, Wargaming scattered the rumors with an official statement, in which one actually a malicious intent behind revealed to the code.

However, not the company as an official measure, but as an act of a single employee. The message from the Russian translated message from the Wargaming Forum (Via Forum) is:


As you know, a bonus code with inappropriate content was spread at our official stream last Friday, who insulted our player and popular Streamer Turry. Something is completely unacceptable. We have conducted an internal inspection and found that this situation has arisen by the actions of an employee. He was suspended and due to the exam, the strictest measures against him were taken.

In the name of the World of Warships teams, we apologize to the players, viewers of Friday evening streams and especially at Turry. We made a completely unacceptable comment about him and are fully aware of our responsibility.

We realize that words alone are not enough, and we want to offer you a bonus code: Turrywearesorry.

If the streamer is now reconciled again? Turry, which was only on his own words opposite the page PCGamer (via pcgamer) and angry, is now at least partially reconciled. He is looking forward to the honest statement of Wargaming and also the other bonus codes he got exclusively for his community.

On the other hand, he does not know if the measures of Wargaming actually correspond to the truth. He did not know who these ominous employees have been and whether he was really fired or otherwise punished.

Incidentally, Turry was no longer brought back to the community contributor program, but he did not want to return there, the streamer still gave to protocol.

World of Warships you can play on consoles, PC and Via Steam. There it is among the 7 largest Free2play MMOs.

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