Microsoft Flight Simulator shows how pretty Germany Austria and Switzerland will soon be

XL Airways Germany Flight 888T (GXL888T) was an acceptance flight for an Airbus A320 performed on 27 November 2008. The airplane crashed right into the Mediterranean Sea, 7 kilometres (4.3 mi; 3.8 nmi) off Canet-en-Roussillon on the French coastline, close to the Spanish border, eliminating all 7 people on board.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator soon gets a large and free update. This brings new Points of Interest, so sights into the game, which are in Europe this time. More specifically, with the World Update 6 Germany, Austria and Switzerland are embellished. This means that you can not only look forward to new, handmade airports, but also on various sights that finally create it into the game.

Microsoft shows the most beautiful sights of Germany at the Flight Simulator Trailer

Who has searched for the most famous attractions in Germany in the Microsoft Flight Simulator, was a bit disappointed. Most cities and airports are reasonably recognizable thanks to KI and map material, but much remains little detailed. That will be changing soon, but fortunately, as yesterday at the Xbox event for Gamescom 2021 was shown.

Similar to other, previous updates, which, for example, have embellished the US, the World Update 6 brings a lot of improvements to the game, which relate to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course, that means that we have a whole lot of new, then original airports to face: The Airports Lübeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St. Gallen come into play, for example.

Look at the impressive trailer here:

Overall, were recreated over 100 slopes, famous Locations and integrated additional cities, which are now also correctly and three-dimensional in the game thanks to new card, height and satellite data. These include, for example, Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Basel, Graz or Vienna. At the same time there are also new discovery flights, other land challenges and much more.

However, the most exciting should be the many new sights , which we can explore from the aircraft with the World Update 6. Like the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, the Cologne Cathedral, Helgoland, the Schwerin Castle, the Pen Melk Aka The Abbey Melk in Austria, the castle Hohenwerwer or the Chillon Castle.

Also, the Matterhorn can be admired with the update then close proximity and in unprecedented detailed loyalty:

Also the Bastei in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of the Saxon Switzerland shines in the Microsoft Flight Simulator in a new splendor:

When is the update? It does not take long. Actually, the World Update 6 should appear on 24th August for PC and Xbox Series S / X, but then it was postponed on September 7th. You can already get started at the next week. Best of all, the update is completely free for those who bought the Microsoft Flight Simulator or a Game Pass Subbo.

In addition, a new, futuristic air taxi was announced. In addition, even flight races will soon come into play in which you can compete online for your friend. The Microsoft Flight Simulator actually receives a kind of competitive multiplayer.

How do you like the innovations? Which sights did you have a particularly welcome which region could still get an update?

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