New Genshin Impact The trailer presents Kujou Sara

Genshin Impractel New four-star character serves as the fiercely loyal bodybuilder of Baal.

Genshin Impractel Next Four Star Character Kujou Sara has just received the character show of her character, and begins with a threat to those who dare to cross the Almighty Raiden Shogun.

MiHoyo revealed during Genshin Impact Live Transmission of Special Ad 2.0 that Kujou Sara would reach the list of the game, and that day she is fast approaching. She is the general of the Tenrtryou Commission, at the service of the Baal Conquest to eliminate Visions of the world. The role of Sara until now has made her fiercely loyal to the oppressive Raiden Shogun, and if you are trapped in the line of Missions of Inazuma, then you have faced the army of her once before.

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Sara is not playing with the Will of the Shogun, she threatens both several times in her new video. While the clan of her has always served Baal, Mihoyo’s description points out that she is not alone …

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