Layers of Fear VR Review Hell

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Virtual reality is both perfect for horror games and inadequate gender. You are immediately immersed, every noise parasite and light flicker increasing your heart rate. On the other hand, technical limitations can quickly get out of the simulation, reminding you that everything will be fine after all. Layers of Fear VR does his best to circumvent these obstacles, falling on some difficult limits while easily increasing your jump adrenaline. While I spent regularly with fear to bored, the experiment finally screamed this itching of horror.

As the original layers of fear, you embody a painter gathering your past crimes, your art and your mental instability rushing to each other at high speed. You can consult our review for this first game here. We also covered with diligence later versions. This VR version of the first story aims to take over this old magic, to which it succeeds, in a way. You can not go home, but this game makes an admirable attempt. The high sensory VR immersion is ideal for slowly increasing tensions, but usual technical barriers sometimes do things like frightening jumps a strange experience.

I can not talk about the rift version of this game. Oculus quest versions of any game will be a little reduced, it is no exception, but the basic elements remain intact. However, there have been strange moments made more strange with virtual reality. A musical signal sounds, signaling something horrible. You slowly look around you, with the helmet, either with the controls. As you go back to see behind, an assembly of books plane in the air, patiently waiting for your attention. Having managed to draw your attention, they whistle by the head. It’s still really disturbing, but maybe not in the manner desired by the developers. This happens with some regularity. You are tense, but as if you were in a haunted house attraction in need of serious repairs.

Horror games are built on the atmosphere. It’s not enough to be a crouver and dirty mansion. No, you have to explore a labyrinth of madness and liquid shadows, where each turn brings you closer to an unspeakable truth. This element of Layers of Fear appears on the shovel. The rooms are covered with grime and misery. Traces of blood, painting and viscera cover floors. Each object looks ancient and misused. There are even musical bites that swell every time things will get worse. And do not deceive yourself, things are always about to worsen.

You spend the execution time of the game to solve puzzle pieces, slowly catching up your own actions and souvenirs. I will not get in too much details about the story, although it is well executed. We give you very little to work, but it’s more than enough to restore what happened. The story is based on well-known horror trows with just enough weight, letting you discover almost all the details. Some things towards the end still have a shock value, even if you have more or less gleaned intrigue. Just try not to get you too far in the drawers, do you know?

The layers of fear work better when you put a certain distance between you and the rudimentary mechanics. The more time you spend checkback, watching in drawers and pick up objects, the less voltage can rise. I was finally discouraged to explore too much because it usually did not serve much. Things like squatting and catching objects come out right away. On the other hand, moving the camera and walking both accidentally increases the horrible atmosphere. Both activities temporarily limit your vision, already hampered by hungry and sparkling shadows. Things remain fantasmagoric, as long as you touch as little as possible.

This strikes in the heart of Layers of Fear VR. The more fun activities, the less immersed you are in the narrative. Meanwhile, simple environmental touches and vocal work are wonders for your cardiac frequency. I was the most unstable when I treated the game as a pure walking simulator. The doors never open twice in the same room, the shadows and the sudden noises track your steps, and your actions get more and more. If you have not played the original game, the VR version is a good entry point. In other words, as long as you keep your interactive actions at a minimum. Despite the usual technical barriers, Layers of Fear VR still manages to scare you most often.


  • The RV raises immersion
  • History always sneaks on you
  • Many subtle jump fears


The bad

  • VR controls always problematic
  • Mechanics interferes with immersion
  • Stop opening all these drawers

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