One Piece Your Creator confirms that the story is in its final phEiichiro Odae

The manga of One Piece faces your latest stages before the grand final . Readers of the prolific comic of Eiichiro Oda, the best-selling history in Japan and an emblem of the weekly Shonen Jump since 1997, hEiichiro Odamunicated on the occEiichiro Odaion of the publication of Volume # 100 that History is in its phEiichiro Odae final . While it does not differ from what it announced almost a year ago, that we approach the lEiichiro Odat great arch, this does not mean that this ending will be produced in months, but rather in years.

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One Piece hEiichiro Oda many stories to count still: how things are

The official account of the Shonen Jump, which is responsible for moving in English the official information that emerges from the Shueisha publisher every week, is very clear and should not be misinterpreted: One Piece is not about to end. Sleeve readers – which can be followed free of charge and legal from manga plus – are found in the climax of the Wano Country Arch (chapter 909 – in progress), initiated in volume # 90. We are currently in the chapter 1023 **.

Without entering any kind of argumental dethris, although it is evidenced which is the end of the way and what challenges can subtract the pirates of the straw hat before reaching their great dream, It is eEiichiro Oday to think that there are still a few years of One piece sleeve . Eiichiro Oda, author of the work since its inception, publishes at a rate of between 35 and 40 chapters per year. For a lustro he makes more annual interruptions (a weekly pause every three weeks, approximately) to preserve his health, which hEiichiro Oda slightly slowed down the pace of progress in history.

In 2012, Eiichiro Oda indicated that the manga wEiichiro Oda in 60% of its completion; In 2016, by 65%. In 2018, he updated the percentage and placed it by 80%. In August 2020, finally, he said he approached to the final saga. How many volumes and chapters will be before knowing what is the one piece? Will we know in 2021 how to get to the final island? First, there are things to end in Wano’s country …

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