Pok mon Evolution celebrates 25 years of Pok mon and take a time travel

The popular Pokémon celebrate the 25th anniversary all year round, which is why new is also announced. Now The Pokémon Company has introduced a new anime, which starts next week and to be aimed at current but also on fans of the first hour.

Pokémon: Developments tells stories from all regions

The new Anime Pokémon: Developments (English Pokémon Evolution) is a new eight-part anime series that is completely free on YouTube.

What’s it? In Pokémon: developments are involved in the eight regions from the respective Pokémon generations. The beginning makes how the trailer below shows, the Galar region from Pokémon sword and shield.

In each episode, other figures are highlighted apart from the well-known protagonists of the games and their Pokémon. In the first episode are so hop and his brother Delion in the foreground, which must stop a dark threat. The topic of every episode is the development of the coaches that you can go together with your partner monster.

When is it going? The new series with eight episodes starts on 9 September with the first episode and can be looked at fully free on the Pokémon series on the Youtube channel.

Here you can watch the first trailer :

Fans celebrate the new anime series

The first reactions to Pokémon: developments are quite very positive. For example, on Twitter @xkumoo says:

Link to Twitter content

Even under the YouTube trailer, the reactions are more than positive:

That will be epic. I can feel that. (Lis Sowa)

Very nice, looks promising! (Pokémontutorialtv)

I like Ash and so and hope he will not be discontinued but this series has it in itself you already see in the trailer. (Pokemonfan1654)


The mood with the fans could hardly be better. Many hope that such stories, as those of Pokémon: developments, are still more often told and above all.

How do you find the animation style of Pokémon: developments? Do you look at the anime series to the pocket monsters or you only stay with the games?

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