MOD Add Mario Kart Tracks 8 to MFS

So far, mods for _ Microsoft Flight Simulator _ have been quite rudimentary. A pair of new locations, perhaps a godzilla in the background, but nothing totally unexpected. However, a modder decided to do something completely unusual, since introduced the tracks of Mario Kart 8 to this flight simulator .

This is, recently, the modder known as Illogicoma shared a series of images, as well as a video, which show us how they see several tracks of Mario Kart 8 in _Microsoft Flight Simulator _ . According to this person, the Model Resource race track models were obtained, and then a customized mod was created with the help of a complement for Blender2msfs.

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Without a doubt, this looks like the most fun mod for the game. However, it is important to mention that this only adds the models of the tracks. There is no collision system or items . This is completely aesthetic. However, considering that careers with other players are available in a new update, it is likely that this work is improved to convert microsoft Flight Simulator at Mario Kart that many have been waiting for years.

Via: Illogicoma.

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