Saturn 4K TV LG OLED C17 with HDMI 2 1 now at the best price on offer advert

Double Save by Cashback and Super Sale: At Saturn, Saturn’s Saturn’s Saturn is still running at Saturday, where you can get up to 300 euros direct departure on 4K TVs. How much discount is exactly, depends on the price. At the end of the month, a LG action is still running, through which you can get back up to 1,000 euros when you buy models of the new OLED C1 series, if you register the TV after purchase on the action page of LG. You can just save twice.

Saturn Super Sale: Among the offers

LG OLED C17 at the best price: The LG OLED C17 in size 55 inches usually costs 1,399 euros. Due to the direct deduction of 150 euros, which is calculated in the shopping cart, the price drops to 1,249 euros. According to comparison platforms, Saturn would be currently the cheapest provider. From LG, there is then 150 euros again, so you effectively pay only 1,099 euros. This is with a distance of the cheapest price for the 2021 published model.

LG OLED 55C17 (55 inches) instead of 1.399 € for 1,249 € (after Cashback 1.099 €)

Of course you can also double save with other sizes of the LG OLED C17:

  • LG OLED 65C17 (65 inches) instead of 1.999 € for € 1.699 (after Cashback 1.499 €)
  • LG OLED 77C17 (77 inches) instead 3,719 € for 3,419 € (after Cashback 2.919 €)
  • LG OLED 83C17 (83 inches) instead of 5,099 € for 4.799 € (after Cashback 3,799 €)

What does the LG OLED C17 offer?

Excellent image: The OLED C17 offers excellent image quality, which of course lies last on the OLED display with its perfect black, the infinitely high contrast and the great colors. Compared to normally cheaper OLED TVs such as LG B19 or A19, the C17 offers the better image processor and the significantly higher peak brightness, which makes HDR better exploit. Compared to its predecessor LG OLED CX, however, has not done much in the picture.

Even better for gaming: LG has improved the gaming features again. Thus, the input was further lowered to now 5 ms at 120 Hz and 10 ms at 60 Hz. In addition, VRR is now also supported by framerates from 20 to 40 Hz. The predecessor was the case only from 40 Hz. Like the LG OLED CX, of course, also offers the C17 four HDMI 2.1 ports that gaming in 4k make up to 120 fps with the PS5 or Xbox Series X possible.

LG OLED 55C17 (55 inches) instead of 1.399 € for 1,249 € (after Cashback 1.099 €)

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