Dauntless Update 1 67 V1 7 4 Patnotics

1.67 aktualisieren (v1.7.4) is for Undaunted, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes that have been added with this patch.

This update brings many new Dauntless content with it that are worth your time. It includes a new quest line, a new Perk, a new monster. It also brings a lot of balance updates for the gameplay and fixes a number of problems with the user interface and more.

Here is everything that is listed in the Dauntless patch notes:


Ostia has unleashed Phaelanx on The Blaze Works in the Hunting Grounds. Defeat behemoths on this island to be energetic. Activate six valves while you’re energized to accomplish this summon Beleidigung against Natur to forge Arena. Destroy it often enough to create unique from its parts weapons and armor.


For those who want to use more skills, we present Omnisurge! This new advantage reduces the cooldown your Omnicell capabilities (5/8/11/14/17/20%), and wherein the activation Omnicell it reduces the cooldown your ability lantern (20/30/40% at rank 4/5. ). / 6).


Showing Ostia that Slayer are the ultimate weapon. Speak with Admiral Janek Zai in Ramsgate to begin the quest line First Blood. When you complete this quest line, you will be rewarded with the new Scorchwing Doll chest and Scorchwing Visionary Helm rumors.

NEW weapon skins-RUMORS

We have added the rumor about the EN-MS1 Longshot War Hecht skin when publishing 1.7.4. The Ax Skin rumor to EN-GA1 Execution Decree will be published on 16 September. Players must complete the EN-MS1 Longshot rumor, so this second rumor is published.


Unlock the sagacity color rumor freely by you fulfill certain requirements secret while you are fighting against a winter Horn Skraev. To start the rumors quests, talk to Gregario after you get the market value drop.



The endurance refund of Flink Perks was increased 5 and 6 for ranks 4. All ranks now create an endurance plate (maximum 50) with excess granted stamina.
The Swift Perk now grants a jacketed movement speed bonus to nearby allies in all ranks of the perks.
The movement speed bonus Fast now remains for a short time after taking off.


The scale of the parts Health for Behemoth in The Blaze Works was reduced, so that parts can be easily broken in a timely manner.
Heroic Razorwing Kharabak now appears in The Blaze Works.


The damage bonuses of the capabilities of the sniper chamber are now calculated as an additive rather than multiplicative modifier. This means less damage output.



Improved Collider and hit boxes.
The break windows and interruptible areas have been improved – Players must now meet the head or shoulders, to interrupt Nayzaga. Knie and toes to stay ahead interruptions geschützt.
Updated and polished the model. Sieht good naynay!


The name of Screams of the Shrike repeater has been updated to the Scream of the Shrike -Kriegshechts not get too close to the name. They are now eyes of the Strangler .
Thunder depth Drask weapons now have corresponding Championship cards.



The skarn-lantern now causes as announced its full damage. It was just one tick of damage.
Fixed an error, no benefits taken into account in the Urskas legendary ability’s damage calculation against behemoths – they only worked properly against the fauna.
Essential Dodge will now trigger as intended once a successful Dodge.
The Discipline Omnicell now generates only one stack per successful parade.
Fixed a problem with the disciplined state where it was too long.
The Tempest Omnicell now generates only one stack per successful evasion.
The Storm Omnizelle now taken into account as provided for the spent stack of speed in the damage calculation.


An incorrect visual effect fire at the base of Hellions feet removed.


The antlers of Shadetouched Koshai now disappears when it is canceled.


Nayzagas jaw fixed during a backhand attack animation.


An error has been fixed in which the dicks of horses have not always suffered partial damage.
An error has been fixed in which the wound effect of the tail was displayed on Shrike’s leg.


An error has been fixed where Skraev’s cocks have not always suffered partial damage.


The user interface of the escalation boost no longer overlaps the cosmetic crowns.
The text for the remaining time of the escalation boost is not displayed if you already purchased the escalation boost.
The championship pages of Malkarion, Torgadoro, Thrax, Agarus and Urska are unlocked when the corresponding heavy escalation is unlocked.
Omnicell craft tracking now shows the correct symbol and the correct type.
The player now sees the right platinum skipping options for his active goals.
The quest Sovereign Dye rumor now refers to Koshai instead of heroic Koshai.
The Full Bore Chamber has a brand new icon.
The Leveling UI now displays max max if you are on the maximum level.

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The hunting

The idle animation of the ostian enforcer in the BlazeWorks was replaced by a more fluid animation.

Dauntless is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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