Microsoft Flight Simulator shows incredible views in development videos

They would almost think that this was the real thing.

The return of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series is already something. It does not just mean a new direction for the company to revive one of its classic simulation franchises, it is also a damn great game. Seriously, it could be one of the most beautiful games you’ve ever seen. Do not you believe me? Well, some new videos should prove this.

In a number of development videos, the many prospects that are overflowed will be presented. We have already seen the snow-capped hills, but here we get a little taste of everything, from Aspen to Baltimore to Lake Tekapo. We will also see a Diamond DA62 for approximation and a Robin DR400 in the Hangar, which ensures variety. There is more and it’s just an incredible thing that you need to check below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator | XBOX | Installing World Update VI | Did You Get the Complete Update?

Microsoft Flight Simulator will eventually be released for Xbox One and PC this year.

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