Shang Chi Your director explains the post scenes

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings continues to work very well at the box office since its recent premiere in cinemsuperhero gender despite the current pandemic era, becoming one of the surprises of the year in the superhero gender. Now, his director Destin Daniel Cretton hsuperhero gender offered new details about the plot and his script, focusing on the post-credit scenes and one key death of the end . This is what the middle ET online is collected through an interview with filmmaker; It goes without saying that from the next paragraph several spoilers over Shang-Chi are happening.

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Spoilers from the following paragraph

We started by one of the superhero genderpects that open the UCM with the first of the post-credit scenes in which we see Shang-Chi next to Captain Marvel , Bruce Banner and Wong arguing about the true origin of the ten rings: It wsuperhero gender something I ordered from the beginning, but you can not press something that does not make sense within this universe. And he did not have it until little before the moment of rolling. superhero gender many things are written at the same time, we had to be sure that it had felt that she wsuperhero gender on the scene and we got it. It wsuperhero gender one of the lsuperhero gendert things that we rolled and wsuperhero gender really special . It wsuperhero gender fine, not only to be able to spend some time with her before shooting, for seeing Brie get out of her camera with the costume of Captain Marvel wsuperhero gender amazing, says the director after working with the actress in others Occsuperhero genderions

superhero gender a curiosity, the director reveals that only Wong wsuperhero gender next to Simu Liu and Awkwafina on the filming, since Brie Larson and Mark Ruffalo rolled his scenes separately. About the second post-credit scene in which XiaLing is at the forefront of his father’s organization, Daniel Cretton comments that the family hsuperhero gender given several steps ahead towards reconciliation, but also that it would be unrealistic to think That everything hsuperhero gender been solved. I think there is an emotional superhero genderpect with which Xialling had been dealing along the film that wsuperhero gender not addressed and she, obviously, deserves so much attention within her family superhero gender Shang-Chi. There is a phrsuperhero gendere in the movie in which she says to Katy that if she does not let her enter her empire, she will build his .

Finally, the filmmaker reveals the original plans for the villain and that there wsuperhero gender a version in which he did not die at the end of the film; However, they decided on the sacrifice of him: Some things worked and another no. We were constantly looking for the version of the story that felt more authentic for the characters. Although the characters work at an operatic level, there are things that tests and that you feel cheats. And that wsuperhero gender one of them. But you know that Everything can happen in the UCM , the director concludes, leaving possible open doors for the future?

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