World of Tanks Community Manager Announces accuses wargaming sacrificing to colleagues

An administrator of the Senior community of World of Tanks suddenly renounced his work. He did not like to interact with a colleague who was involved in the World of Warships scandal. In a farewell statement to the old employer of him, Wargaming, he takes off his leather.

Who has resigned? Zachary Cabmech Doig was the Senior Community Manager and Wargaming Events at the World of Tanks Division. He recently announced the resignation of him and also explained with harsh words why he could no longer work for the Wargaming company.

The scandal of warships extends: harsh accusations against Wargaming

According to the cm, what happens? As the main reason to leave the company, he quoted what he considered the unfair treatment of the former employee Elias K. Grodin, alias Gneisenau013 . He was sacrificed as a scapegoat in the World of Warships scandal to expiate mistakes made by the employees of the upper floors.

In the farewell text of him, the Community Manager calls a lot of attention on the former employer of him:

I am taking this painful decision due to the recent dismissal of an employee of my team to whom I consider a kind and competent person. This is due to what personally considers an illegitimate and incredibly persistent campaign to unfairly converted into an expiatory scapegoat to the leadership of its former team for trying desperately (in my opinion) to blame anyone by the recent incident, admit it. In my opinion, there is a toxic corporate culture that continues a cycle of fatal errors that dates back to at least four years, long before he was on this team and with explanations well above the salary range of him.

The employee in question made mistakes and when he was asked to apologize publicly, he did, as the man of honor he is him. And that although he was no longer on the corresponding team at that time. Even so, some executives of the team in question launched an implacable campaign on the back room against him, with the aim of getting him out of my team. I can only describe this behavior as a coward, despicable and simply shit.

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The termination of Gneisenau013 is also critically seen in the community, since he probably was one of the employees who was valued by the community. Comments like this can be found in abundance in Reddit:

It really is a damn embarrassment that WG has done that. If they dismissed everyone involved, throughout the chain, that would be one thing. However, we know that they did not do it or do it. Because it is not how flat actions work. For people who should see that the game improves and grows, they seem decided at this time to make it fail.

I hope that Gneisenau013 and other former employees have enough information to submit a demand or at least write a good synopsis article.

WoT Blitz: Find Your Place in Battle with the Kanonenjagdpanzer 105
What was the Warships scandal again? The Gneisenau013 case raised by CabMech is the last scandal of World of Warships. It all started when you were asked of the popular Streamer and Community Collaborator (CC) Littlewhitemouse (LWM) that designed her own boat for Canada.

However, due to a faulty communication, the designs of it were not adopted and a completely different ship was developed in the place of it. When Littlewhitemouse asked for an explanation about this, Wargaming employees attacked him with rudeness and insulted.

That in turn led her to leave the CC program. Since LWM was very popular, many other CC and influencers followed their way and also turned their back on Wargaming. In addition to dealing with LWM, Wargaming monetization policy, which was unjust to his eyes, added to his reasons.

You can read about the World of Warships scandal in detail here.

What are the collaborators of the community?
A community contributor is a creator of content favored by Wargaming. Among other things, you get new boats to try, free gifts for gifts and, sometimes, even invitations to exclusive events. It is a coveted position to which few content creators will have access.

What does Wargaming really say? Back then, Wargaming apologized for the Warships affair and promised improvements.

We asked Wargaming directly about what is happening with CabMech and we will publish it here or in an article dedicated to Community Manager as soon as we have a statement.

By the way, there was an original excuse for another scandal in the Warships environment.

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