HSV Walter has only praising words

At the end is, like so much, in the eye of the viewer. The Volkspark brought in the sixth minute of inept time as in long past, good times – after a last-second 2: 1 against decimated sand houses. This can be considered as a sign that Hamburg’s followers accept and well accompany that the HSV is now a normal second division. Likewise, it also proves that the mediocrity itself has held in the lower house entry on the Elbe. Undress at least: The first home win of this season was earned despite the late and happy conclusion with an enemy goalkeeper injured at this time.

Despite poor consequence: Walter is very satisfied

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For Tim Walter there was also no reason for discussions of any kind. Everyone who has seen this game, says Hamburg’s trainer, will confirm that we have played well. The 45-year-old has actually not to fear for this analysis, but the yield was frightening. So strong SVS-Keeper Patrick Drewes also held up to his injury in the re-gaming time, so negligently Manuel Wintzheimer and Robert Glatzel went around with the abundance of high-caliber. 14: 2 at the end was the opportunity ratio.

Nevertheless, that the victory after a weakness phase after the leadership and the traffic light card against the sand houses Marcel Ritzmaier hung on the silk thread is an alarm signal. Because more dominant than on Saturday evening, the HSV can hardly occur. If then even games of this kind become a nerve battle, this shows what it lacks: Consequence. Especially in front of the opposing goal, but once again before its own, although countercarding in the system Walter now worked much better for the second time in a row. We have to raise in decision-making and the last pass, recognizes the coach, but otherwise only loves words: It was to see that we have mentality, the team has never stopped. And she has rewarded this time.

The audience was a sensation.

HSV coach Tim Walter

A special Lob also got the audience from the trainer. 19,950 spectators were approved and actually carried the team enthusiastically through the game. That , enthuses Walter, was outstanding, terrific. The audience was a sensation. There is therefore no question marks for him whether the late conclusion and the frenetic cheer may be expression of mediocrity, but only exclamation marks, especially with regard to the upcoming North Derby: Such a victory releases forces. Already the Saturday in Bremen (from 20.30, live! At Hamburg), there will be information if Walter is right with this assessment.

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