Microsoft s flight simulator receives incredible new trailers

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Sour the sky in stunning 4k.

Microsoft has returned to PC gaming. Not only that all their former Xbox exclusive have found the way to the platform, they also revived some classic PC franchises that many were very happy. Such a franchise is microsoft’s flight simulator . It comes back and now we have a new trailer showing the breathtaking appearance of the SIM.

The game will include a variety of creations from real life aircraft that were licensed. These include Airbus, Boeing, Cubcrafters, therefore, Diamond Aircraft Industries, Icon Aircraft, Robin Aircraft and Textron Aviation. The game will use the Azure AI technology to bring the series to the next level. Here you will learn everything about it.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator will eventually be available for Xbox One and PCs in 2020. You can view the new trailer below, which has all been taken in breathtaking and incredible 4K quality.

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