Panzer Dragoon Remake is now available for switch

The Sega Saturn classic returns with improved graphics and control.

Megapixel Studios Panzer Dragoner: Remake , a remake of the classic Sega Saturn title, was surprisingly published yesterday as part of the Nintendo Mini Direct. It is now available through the Nintendo eShop for Switch and costs $ 24.99. PC players still have to wait until the winter, as this is a timed exclusivity.

With better graphics and controls, Panzer Dragoner: Remake tells the story of a human and a blue dragon that had to venture to the tower and stop the prototype dragon. As an on-rail shooter, you can turn 360 degrees and shoot on enemies around you. These enemies include great sandworms, battleships, dragonflies and much more.

There are seven levels to shoot through and the music and the graphics are put to the point. Further information about the PC version can be found in the coming months. Panzer Dragoner 2: Two will also receive a remake, so more expect more about it.

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