Lince Works sort officiellement Stealth Adventure Aragami 2

The Lund Works games initially published Aragami, his first project in 2016, and worked on the development of his suite, Aragami 2, with funding from Gameseer and others. Gameseer Finance and promotes independent titles and has another nice game under his wing, Away: The Survival Series. The company has announced the expected sequence exit, Aragami 2. The game is now available on Steam, Xbox Series X / S, Game Pass, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The launch trailer of Aragami 2 jumps directly into action while the neck of an enemy is open before moving on a stealth action. The narrator then looks at the importance of Aragami as the last Savior of his people. Aragami must fight for his loved ones and for his inheritance.

Aragami 2 is inspired by the Tenchu ​​series but has a beautiful world with a modern touch. Aragami 2 offers new capabilities, skills, mechanisms and other improvements in relation to its predecessor. With a new combat system built from scratch and a complete campaign that can be played in solo or cooperation, Aragami 2 will stand out from others.

Aragami 2 offers difficult missions in different places and offers a wide range of capabilities, equipment and more. Players can also explore open environments and discover new paths throughout the trip. Aragami 2 has a customization of weapons and armor, so the ninja players is different from others.

Aragami 2 is available digitally on Steam for US $ 34.99 and on the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store for US $ 39.99. The physical editions of the game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles are available now in Europe and September 21 in North America, priced at 39.99 USD.

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