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Update from September 6, 2021: We are currently about to update our guide for the seams for WOW patch 9.1. As soon as the update is complete, we will adjust this section here again.

In our guide for World of Warcraft (Buy Now 14.99 €) you will find not only basic information about the Meuchnel-Rogue, but also a short entry-level guide for full-time aforial and lawless, which simply want to try the seamstyle style. In addition, we explain in detail the skills and talents of the Meuchler and to conclude handproof information on specialization, so that their maximum from your hero in Raids and Mythic Dungeons.

WOW-GUIDE: General information about the Meuchn-Rogue

In this section, what has changed in the Assassins in WoW: Shadowlands, explain the strengths and weaknesses of the style of play and compare the performance of the seam villain in Raids, Arenas and the solo game with the achievements of other classes and plays.

What is a jumbling rogue?

Rogues are offensive specialists who earn their breads directly on the front. While more dulled out of the Castness and legality rogues with their swords are looking for the direct confrontation, everything revolves at the Meuchler all about force the victim with harmful poisons as well as bleeding effects into their knees. It takes a bit until all dots are set, but when the time comes, seams cause very high levels of damage. By the way, Meuchler will prefer to draw with leather clothes and two dilches in the fight. The more mobility on the parts and the more weapon damage your blades have, the better.

That has changed with Shadowlands

About the last patches has changed in the small some of the seam rogue.

The most important changes from WOW patch 9.0

Level 54: New ability: paralyzing poison – overrides your weapons with a non-thighning poison, which sticks to them for 1 hour. Each attack has a 50% chance to poison the opponent, which cruises his mind and thus reduces his attack and magic pace 10 seconds by 15%.
BloodTrote Phiole now heals you by 20% of your maximum health (previously 30%). The duration was reduced to 4 seconds (previously 6 sec.) And reduces energy costs to 20 (previously 30).
Fieser trick now grants 1 combot point (previously 2).
The damage of treacherous blade has been increased by 150%.
All villains can now use the following skills:
Immediately acting poison – overhears your weapons with a deadly poison, which sticks to them for 1 hour. Each attack has a 30% chance to poison the opponent, causing nature damage.
Treacher blade – attacks with your shield hand, causes physical damage and poisones the goal with a concentrated form of non-dignity poison. Grants 1 combot point.

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Kidney bolt – Finishing-Move, who stunned the target. Each combot point increases the duration.
Wound Gift – covers your weapons with a deadly poison that will stick to them for 1 hour. Each attack has a 30% chance to poison the opponent, which causes immediate nature and 12 sec. All preserved healing is reduced by 5%. This effect is stackable up to 3 times.
Crippling poison – covers your weapons with a non-thighning poison that sticks to them for 1 hour. Each attack has a 30% chance to poison the opponent. The poison reduces the movement speed for 12 seconds by 50%.
Stage 52: Improved poisons (rank 2) – in shyness, your attacks have a chance of 100% to apply your active fatal and non-thorough toxins.
Level 56: chicken (rank 2) – chickens increases power generation by 10%.
Level 58: Treacher blade (rank 2) – treacherous blade now increases your caused natural damage against the target 9 seconds by 20%.
Improved poisons now has an additional effect: Your weapons are covered 33% faster with poison.
Wundgift now has an additional effect: the effect is now stackable 2 times more.
Vendetta is no longer subject to global cooldown.
Dagger compartments now concerns a maximum of 8 goals.
The following talents were adjusted:
New Talent: Inbrunst (replaced poisoned blade ) – Your finishing moves have a certain chance per combo point to increase your pace for 20 seconds by 2%. This effect is up to 5 times stackable.
Miracle spot is now a passive ability to make the mutilation a 20% chance to make your next use of ambush free and insisting on the stealth. For targets below 35% health, the chance is increased to 40%.
The damage of Bloodtroter Sturm was increased by 30% and the ability now applies to a maximum of 8 goals.
Toxic Rausch now grants you 8 energy (previously 5) if your mutilation is used against a poisoned target.

The most important changes from WOW patch 9.0.5

Level 56: New passive ability: cut into pieces – poisoning increases the duration of your chicken per consumed combot point by up to 3 sec.
Potting Wounds now represents 8 energy again (previously 7).
Chicken (rank 2) was removed.
An error has been fixed, through which the talent Bloodtroter storm did not trigger the effect of talent fervor .
An error has been fixed, through which the Talent Gift Bomb was aiming of headnut damage without canceling the control loss effect.
An error has been fixed, by which the strengthening effect of poisoning did not maintain up to 30% of its duration when the effect has been renewed.

The most important changes from WOW patch 9.1

The duration of Finte was increased to 6 seconds (previously 5 sec.).
The bleeding damage of the necrolford capacity Serrated bone rack now benefits from a critical hit chance.
The shield of the medium in shadows wrapped was increased by 50%, now stops for 4 seconds (had no duration before) and no longer expires while the rogue is not stealthy.
Treacher blade now banned Wutzuständen independent of used poisons. If treacherous blade is used in combination with paralyzing poison , the magic and attack pace of the target are reduced by 25% for 5 sec.
An error has been fixed, through which the regular damage of the rune schnitzmacht damn blade against goals under the effect of Auren, which increases the damage suffered twice.

The Much Schurke is strongly launched in the current extension and delivers WOW in almost all areas. Source: patch

So strong is the jumbling rogue in 9.1

The Much Schurke is rightly started in the current expansion, but could continue to fight for the last patches and is currently one of the strongest damage specialists at all.

If you are traveling alone as a sewing rogue, you hardly fear something. You must be in the melee, but you have with escape , Coat of the shadow , Finte , blood red vials as well as talents such as Eggift about enough possibilities to to keep your health on a healthy level. Stunning Effects How Kidney Bolt , Fieser Trick or Dazzles Help them to keep control of the fight. And if your damage effects act on your goal and invest your combo points in invest, stronger opponents are quickly defeated to the ground.


In the dungeons of Shadowlands you have to do it mainly with large opponents groups, which is not exactly the paraded discipline of the seam rogue. Although you own the surface attack Dagger compartments and can distribute your poisons or bleeding to several goals, but you do not achieve the values ​​of real area damage specialists like lawlessness colleagues. But a log on the leg is not for a long time in mythic dungeons! Your damage at Bossen is high, per rogue trading Your tank grants a threat thrust, with veiling fog bypasses your annoying trash and with your various control effects your dangerous adversary take out of the fight. His biggest disadvantage is that legally and more likely also provide all these advantages and at the same time (directly behind fire magicians) lead the DPS charts.

In the raid, sewing trials can develop their full loss potential much better than in the dungeons. In fact, seams are currently one of the strongest DPS specializations at all. On normal and heroic they dominate over all bosses (place 1 or place 2), in mythical it is still sufficient for a good place 8. that after a very good start to the content last, it has lost something to their popularity, is available Everything that you can often find something more harm from your villains with deception. Anyone who prefer the somewhat leisurely playing method of seams can also rock the damage meter with the poisons and bleeding.

Muchs is also a gladly elected specialization in the current PVP season of Shadowlands. The reasons for this are manifold: With its poisons, the rogue causes not only steadily damage, he also slows down the victim and reduces its preserved healing. To do this, the control capabilities of the villains, the high mobility, some defensive tools and tools like the smoke bomb. In fact, there are currently several well-functioning combos: Meuchler Plus Magician Plus Disciplinary Priest or Holy Paladin, for example or Meuchler Plus Shadow Priest Plus Recovery Shaman. And also on worth mentioned battlefields, many groups just like to take a Meuchler. There is only one but deception is still a bit better (and more popular) in the PVP.

About our author

This guide was written by Karsten Creep Scholz. Karsten plays Wow since Classic active and most likely drives in the RAID challenges and PVP battlefields of Azeroth. His rogues he has been playing for over thirteen years, otherwise he prefers to retire with his shaman or druids around the houses.

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