Bremen s trainer beginning explains Weisers Fauxpas

Not in all matters Tim Walter and Mark s starting at the beginning of late Saturday night on the podium of the pressing room in the Bremen residential investment Weserstadion agreed. However, the past game between the SV Werder and the Hamburger SV had previously given some occasion for those disagreements: a vibrant penalty against Marvin Ducksch about or the yellow-red card against Sebastian Schonlau, to name only two contentized situations.

In one thing, however, the two coaches came completely in their statements after the northern derby in their statements. After the beginning of the free kick hit by Ducksch had already emphasized, Walter in his game replica also spoke of the very beautiful gate of Marvin, but he still pushed behind: It did not count.

That in turn was because Mitchell had ruled out to the Hamburg Wall, for which the right-hand protein borrowed by Bayer Leverkusen apologized for the final whistle, I m sorry for Marvin and the team. He did not know the rule of a distance from at least one meter to the wall since 2019, he confessed openly.

If you have not played football for a year, you can also get in such a situation.

Mark s beginning

His coach took wiser for his ignorance in protection, also with regard to its few bets for Leverkusen in the past season: If you have not played football for a year, you can come in such a situation, said beginning: That said But not that we want that.

The Werder coach, however, did not try to raise the quietest doubt, with the abandoned gate in some form: It was a rule violation, so it was perfectly right that it did not count. Anyway, for the 47-year-olds should be realized that wise the rule will no longer be forgotten .

Assalé: Black Radler pants was a medical measure

Incidentally, regular conservation requirement had also given the substitution of Roger Assalé, whose black cyclists are not considered as permitted under a white pant as well. However, it has been a medical measure, which should also have been logged in at the arbitrator in advance.

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