Roblox Wacky Wizards All new potions added in the Alien Update and how to create them

After the recent update of Alien, a lot of new free and premium potions have been added to Wacky Wizards in Roblox. From recipes that make you creepy Martians to recipes that give you laser pistols to encode DNA, the last update includes a wide variety of potions. If you want to experience all new potions, then you have come to the right place. In this guide we will review all new Wacky Wizards potions added in the latest Alien update and tell you how to make them . Let s go into it!

all new potions added in the upgrade of Alien and how to make them

A total of 19 new potions have been added in the last Alien update. We have divided recently added potions into free and «Premium» below:


Cow s disguise potion ( 194) – cow hat
Potion of alien weapons (No. 195): Chameleon, pool noodles, alien parasite
Potion of Martian Monkey ( 196) – Jandel s Head, Alien Parasite
Popion of parasites ( 197) – rotten sandwich, alien parasite
Steam potion (No. 198) – Dynamite, alien parasite
Alien head potion (No. 199): Ear of Giant, Alien Parasite
Eyeyyy Potion (No. 200): Rana, Alien Parasite
Leg potion ( 201) – giraffe hoof, alien parasite
Neon Potion ( 202) – Chameleon, Alien Parasite
Zero gravity potion ( 203) – bird, alien parasite
DNA coding potion (n. 204): pistol, alien parasite
Potion of alien clone ( 205) – you, alien parasite
Alien eruption potion ( 206) – Eggcano, Pool Noodle, Eggcano
Potion Alien-Baby ( 207) – Fairy, Alien Parasite
Alien Potion ( 208) – Alien Parasite

Premium potions

Potion UFO ( 103) – Alien Parasite, Wheel
Laser attack potion ( 104) – Alien parasite, air attack
Sus-Gun Potion ( 105) – Gear Hat, Beans, Pistol
Abduction potion ( 106): alien parasite, wheel, air attack

That s all you need to know all new potions added in the latest Alien update and how to make them at Wacky Wizards. If you wonder how to get the ingredient of the frog, the ingredient of the pistol or the alien parasite, we also have robrox guides that cover it. And to get more information about the game, be sure to search Wacky Wizards in your next Google search.

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