Alan Wake Remastered The emergence of the new edition

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Alan Wake Remastered | Comparison Trailer

Together with D3T, a team with a lot of experience and technical knowledge, when it comes to the remastering modern classic, the core team of Remedy, which developed the original Alan Wake, has worked very closely with Alan Wake Remastered.

The formation of a Remaster

The first step in a Remaster project is called cataloging . This means that you decay the game into its components and does much more than just listen to all things that make up. To really remast a game, you really have to understand how everything fits together and how the individual elements are interconnected and interact. Data structures, reuse of assets and code, naming conventions, tools, plugins and much more.

The remastering of a game requires learning before you end up. When taking into account environments, props, textures, sound effects, UI elements, movie sequences, and a whole lot of supporting data, one comes slightly to around 100,000 individual elements. As soon as it was done, the development of the Remaster was divided into five core areas: programming, environment, characters, animation and movie sequences.

The coded part of the project began creating a baseline, which essentially means that all old systems – the skeleton of the game – have been converted to a new version that is compatible with the new platforms and behaves as well as the original, but Additional developments allowed.

The original version of Alan Wake was developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 and later ported to the PC, which meant that it only supported a rendering API – DirectX 9. Since then, the technology has evolved, making it an important first step in it stock to update the renderer and supporting engine systems to support modern standards.

There are still the other modern systems to think of – new controllers, updated audio standards, successes, stored games and more. It is also important to know that it is a remaster and not a remake. This means that the original engine is used, which can make the implementation of new modern functions very difficult if you work with an engine that is over a decade old.

What is new in Alan Wake Remastered?

The game runs in 4k at 60fps on the Xbox Series X and in 1080p at 60fps on the Xbox Series S. You can expect recreated intermediate sequences with improved facial animations and lip synchronization, richer environments and improved character models with updated skin and hair shades. Improvements were also made on materials and textures in general, as well as anti-aliasing, shadows, windsimulation and elevated characteristics.

The occupation of more than 30 characters is an important part of the total experience and was an area that remedy has used much time. A team of character skills has dealt with the original material to make the characters that are more similar to the actors on which they are based. In the comparison trailer below, you can recognize the enormous improvements to the characters themselves and on the materials for their costumes, which are even more realistic and more detailed.

The animation teams have changed the game through significant improvements in facial animations, the core movements of the game and more. These included new RIGS for the faces of the characters, a completely new motion detection for the dialogues and more than 600 additional poses to express more expression of the representations.

If you look more closely, you will discover many small details, such as hand animations and inactive movements. In addition, a special Cinematics team has updated every single scene in the game and integrates everything from the new Motion Captures already mentioned to advanced post-production effects.

Ambient Team awakens the environment to new life

The characters are a central component of the game, but the environment is equally important and requires the same care and attention. For this reason, the team had a subteam, which dealt exclusively with trees and their foliage. The team revealed the forest to life by adding all new details such as ferns, moss, fallen leaves and other floor coverings and the animations, such as. B. trees that move in the wind improved.

The ambient team worked closely with the programmers to improve the terrain itself by increasing the complexity and rendering of the various materials, earth and rocks to the mountains and urban materials such as concrete and asphalt. A team of artists then went to work and added more details to buildings, vehicles and other objects so that Bright falls so captivating and dramatic as it should be. Here is the ComparSion Trailer to Alan Wake Remastered: Alan Wake Remastered is released on 5 October 2021 for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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