Pokemon Unite Developers Decide Nerf Sleep Effects of Snorlax and Wigglytuff

Pokemon Unite has just received a major patch that has adjusted a large part of his gameplay, but there has been a key change that surprised a lot of fans of the game. Like any other update of Pokemon Unite, the hotfix improved the capabilities of certain species and has also hindered those of others. However, the Pokémon community was surprised when the developers decided to reduce the capacity of Snorlax and Wigglytuff to fall asleep their opponents.

Recent Pokemon Unite Update Notes indicated that it Correction of the problem where the sleeping Pokémon did not wake up after being touched by an attack.

Before updating, sleep status was an important tool in the user directory of WigglyTuff and Snorlax. Not only has the capacity prevented their sleeping opponent from responding for a defined period, but inaction has also made them vulnerable to potential blows. This also helped with regard to versatility, as this has allowed Pokemon unite players to escape a more powerful Pokémon every time they were taken behind enemy lines. Now, however, because of this patch, the opponents that Ronflex or Wigglytuff have asleep may wake up instead of lying down.

The English and Japanese versions of the update notes refer to the ability as a bug, but only the latter has provided additional information on how Sleep was supposed to operate before the update. Pokemon unite fans have found strange that such an important bug has managed to survive for months without any intervention of the developers, especially since it is a significant part of the meta-game of WigglyTuff.

I was a bug? Wrote on Pokemon unite fans.

100% was not a bug, complained another. It was crazy for too long for it to be a bug.

I mean, it was super broken and op , wrote another player from Pokemon Unite. But, how long it has been in the game, it looks bizarre .

The decision of the Pokemon Unite Developers of Nerf Sleep in the game has confused many fans of the game, since many of them have always assumed that it was a mechanism for the species of Fairy Pokémon Game.

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