A few headphones for 50 euros save my nerves right now

The everyday life in the home office or travel can be loud and exhausting. MeinMMo author Benedikt Schlotmann has now bought a few in-ear headphones, which help him to protect the nerves.

In everyday life there are different things that can be crazy for some point:

Kitchen appliances or other household appliances that make noise.
Construction workers who have to open the street early morning.
The girlfriend looking her favorite series in the background.

In the home office, however, I hardly have a chance to avoid the noise. In some way, the crash pursues me. Noise-Canceling (in German noise suppression) promises a relief of the disturbing noises here.

Meanwhile, I already had a close dozen of these headphones privately and professionally on my desk. The headphones of SoundCore applied to the manufacturer with active noise cancellation. At least that s what I wanted to try that and gave the headphones a chance.

Officially the device costs 79.99 euros, but I have never seen the SoundCore Life A2 NC well above 50 euros. Also at the current time (22 September) you get again 30 Euro discount.

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| Soundcore Life A2 NC Multi-Mode Noise Unpression Wireless Earbuds, Wireless Anc Bluetooth … | 2,208 reviews | 79,99 EUR | To Amazon

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From a chance has become an everyday companion, because I use the in-ear headphones almost daily when the noise of everyday life makes me crazy again.

I can work in peace and in (almost) absolute silence gamble

For a price of around 50 euros, especially the Noise Canceling function has really surprised me positively. First, I have been quite skeptical, because so far, the feature could rarely convince me.

The headphones offer several settings for noise cancellation via the app:

The Traffic mode filters depth frequencies. This is especially pleasant when I m on the tram or by train.
In the Indoor mode, voices and medium frequencies should be hidden. That works more, sometimes less well. Some voices are still indistinctly audible.
Outdoor relies on a mix of frequencies. The idea is basically good, I find traffic for the city but much better.

In addition, the software still offers a transparency mode, where you can either hear all sounds or thanks to voice mode voices are particularly highlighted. The voice mode also works amazingly good.

How good is the noise suppression? The noise cancellation works really well and is the highlight of the headphones for me. If I drive with the tram or take a route with the bus, then I enjoy it that I can almost completely hide the loud hum and can either hear music or just enjoy the peace.

Also in everyday life I also remember the advantage. If my girlfriend looks in the background her latest physicians series, then the dramas of the hospital will eventually go to my nerves at some point. Due to the noise suppression, I can hide discussions about high blood pressure, renal failure or drug use. Only the loud screaming patients remember me and again that a physician series is running in the background.

What else did you like? Away from the noise suppression I also like the ergonomics: I can carry the devices easily 4 or 5 hours in a piece without making me crazy. A similar fit is myself myself meets me only with the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid, which Meinmom has tested. The replaceable earrings keep the in-ear listeners firmly in the ears.

Even tonight, the in-ear headphones can convince me. Either I can use different equalizer settings or mix the sound itself. Games like Genshin Impact or the recent Pokémon Unite published for Android make a mood in the headphones.

Nice is also the mono mode: You can run the sound over a single headphone and switch off the other – a function that I missed at the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid.

The headphones are made of plastic and put on exchangeable earplugs. Incidentally, earplugs also fit the device from my meanwhile immeasurable collection of various in-ear devices such as Sony or Samsung. The IPX5 certification (water protection) is also a good thing, in the pouring rain or in the swimming pool I have not been with the headphones yet.

These are the disadvantages: For the audio profiles and the noise cancellation you need the free SoundCore app. However, the app works only on Android and iOS.

Basically, you can use the headphones via external Bluetooth dongle on the PC, on the strong features of the device you have to do without. On the console you can not use the headphones as well as the headphones do not have their own dongle.

The hinge of the loading box of the headphones looks fragile to me. In the 3 months, where I currently use the headphones, nothing happens, but this very thin plastic connection looks fragile to me.


Reasonable sound for money
Ergonomics and fit
Ordinary processing
Meaningful Equalizer settings via app
Very good noise cancellation
Optional mono mode


Equalizer settings can be set via the app
No correct function on the computer or on the console
Loading Case is fragile on the hinge

Who can I recommend the headphones? You are looking for headphones that sound good and are also interested in hiding annoying noises or noise? Then I can recommend you the SoundCore Life A2 NC with a good conscience.

Preview | Product | Rating | Price |
| Soundcore Life A2 NC Multi-Mode Noise Unpression Wireless Earbuds, Wireless Anc Bluetooth … | 2,208 reviews | 79,99 EUR | To Amazon

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon with a purchase. Thanks for your support!

However, you have to live with the restriction that you can use the functions only on the phone, because support on the PC does not exist. Here I would rather give you the tip to take a look in our buying advice on headphones and gaming headsets:

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