New World Build DPS CAC the best weapons combinations

Performativity is the concept that language can operate as a form of social activity and also have the result of modification. The idea has several applications in varied areas such as anthropology, social and social location, economics, sex research studies (social building of gender), legislation, linguistics, efficiency researches, background, monitoring studies as well as approach.
The concept is very first explained by thinker of language John L. Austin when he described a particular capability: the capability of speech as well as interaction to act or to skilled an action. Austin differentiated this from constative language, which he specified as detailed language that can be assessed as true or false . Common instances of performative language are making pledges, betting, doing a wedding celebration ceremony, an umpire calling a strike, or a court articulating a verdict.Influenced by Austin, thinker and also gender philosopher Judith Butler said that sex is socially created via commonplace speech acts as well as nonverbal interaction that are performative, because they offer to define and maintain identifications. This view of performativity reverses the suggestion that an individual s identification is the resource of their additional actions (speech, motions). Rather, it watches activities, habits, and motions as both the result of a person s identification in addition to a source that adds to the formation of one s identity which is continuously being redefined through speech acts and symbolic interaction. This view was likewise affected by thinkers such as Michel Foucault and also Louis Althusser.

In Aeternum, each role to choose two weapons with which to enter into combat. But it is not always obvious to know which secondary weapon favor to strengthen his character. The BUILD DPS CAC can thus move towards several second weapons to propose a different approach to new world .

double ax, the main weapon of the DPS CAC on NEW WORLD

With its power and gameplay largely based on critics and running, double ax is the ideal weapon for Build DPS CAC on New World . Despite a certain slowness, it has overwhelming skills, especially to attract enemies or execute them. However, he may have trouble catching a long distance target, and must rest on his allies.

Statistics distribution











Choice of skills


Performs an overwhelming attack that hurts the enemy. The damage is increased against targets with less than 50% of their lives.


Performs a spinning attack that attracts enemies to the launcher and the injury.


Performs a spinning attack that hurts affected enemies. A new rotation is performed when an enemy is affected.

These skills, combined with liabilities drastically increasing the damage against low-life targets and criticism, offer colossal damage to double ax. It can thus move towards weapons filling its defects, or supporting its strength. For this, the arc or hammer of arms are excellent options.

bow, keep the distance

By focusing on the bow, the problem of remote enemies fades. Even if it is necessary to be precise with this weapon, its power and its precision complement the power of the double ax. In addition, the distribution of basic statistics is ideal for the CRA, which takes full advantage of increased damage and criticism.

Choice of skills

dodge shot

Make a jump back and pulls an arrow that hurts the target.

poisoned fire

Tires a poisoned arrow that creates a toxic cloud inflicting periodic damage to enemies passing in.

Piercing shot

Shooting an arrow that hurts the target and piercing to travel 100 meters.

Hammer of arms, controls and aoe

With the hammer of arms and damage, the double ax also benefits from more AOE but also of control effect. Its slowness makes the hammer quite difficult to use, but it is necessary to strengthen assaults. Thus, if cover great distances remains a problem, the DPS is able to make huge damage.

Choice of skills


An adversary hurts and reduces the defense of his armor for a moment.

Hammer jump

Performs a jumped attack that hurts enemies in the arrival area.

Destruction hammer

Strike the ground around the target to hurt and flatten it.

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