Wargaming apparently prepares a free FPS

It has been known for some time that Wargaming is preparing a new game. Finally, on the world of Tanks, whether World of Warships are hard (although looking at the popularity of these games, you can). What does this time are preparing a company known for war production this time? ShatterLine, or free, multiplayer FPS.

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We still do not know about the production that we do not know that it will offer a view from the perspective of the first person, matches for sixteen people divided into various modes: Team DeathMatch, Domination and Free for All. ShatterLine will be available on PC, but also on consoles. Interestingly, the production itself visually will be more cartoon than Apex Legends or Xdefiant. Production also uses a lumberyard engine that you can know from New World.

ShatterLine is currently equivalent to eight characters and a handful of a variety of weapons, which will be modified visually, but also from the mechanical side, which has somehow in a game. In addition to PVP modes, production will offer fun in the cooperation, where you will need specific goals on a huge map with randomly generated adversities. There will also be a feature campaign.

It is worth taking into account that all the above-mentioned reports come from a reliable, but the unofficial source. The game title, payment model and general idea (FPS multiplayer) were confirmed, but the remaining details are subject to change. There are also no screenshots, because ShatterLine is supposedly currently in the early alpha phase. Therefore, we will wait for the particulars.

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