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Shamelessly admit that I am a fan of Logitech s son. I have been ever since I bought ekoilla kesätyörahoillani your computer. The reason why fanitus has carried this far is the Logitech way to produce certain electronics. If the packaging is modernized with a large letter G, know what you will get.

Like all other electronics manufacturers, Logitech also offers a variety of earphone-microphone accessories. Postimies supplied under his arm hikisessä new G435 model, which give the package torn open over the time unit – as sound quality some successors may remember.

Pure air only

After a moment of hypistelyn top vibe is lightness. Headphones weigh just 165 grams and feel from nice. Normally, eyeglass frames will be putting kuppikuulokkeissa after a long session, but now it does not need to worry about.

After a moment of hypistelyn top vibe is lightness.

Instead, you should worry about the G435 s low-priced felt comfortable, even though they might seem from brilliant. The pieces are plastic, and feel somewhat weak. In addition, for example, the volume can not be adjusted with PlayStation firm enough. This is apparently due to the Logitech technology, the purpose of which is to prevent the emergence of hearing damage during long sessions. On the other hand a great thing, that health issues are taken care of in advance.

I hear you

Headphone sound quality is especially good while playing, listening to music, but I would leave willingly elsewhere. Kasari Funk does not taste cookers G435 s with, because Sulosoinnut remain very latteiksi. The same can be said headphones for audio recordings. Although the model advertised as having two microphones, pickups are embedded into the cups above HEADWORN level. In addition, they seem to be very sensitive. For example, in another room huudatettu Salkkarit was well through the recipient. The unfortunate situation, because I would do on purpose to tease Salattujen elämien plot no roads.

Logitech G435 is connected to each device via Bluetooth easily. Headphones can be connected to a PC or Mac environment, as well as the brackets supplied with the LightSpeed ​​receiver. Light Speed ​​ensures a distance of 10 meters, it prolongs the life of 18 hours, and the reduction of response time. The layman does not, at least not notice a significant difference, but additional support is not a bad idea. Bluetooth stability telling stories could actually tell one or two.

Bluetooth stability telling stories could actually tell one or two.

Straight flush

The headphones are available in three different color combinations: blue-white, black-yellow and blue-violet. Three options should please most of the eyes, and the headphones must be quite happy to play inside and outside the cave. However, the Noise Only for those looking for the headphones is not joy, as they barely isolate any bigger buzz of flies.

Logitech G435 is also reflected back headphones. Less than a hundred devices to their sound quality is good enough and they are really comfortable distance. Few higher-end product manages to find a suitable balance between comfort and sound quality. The peak is also a 18-hour battery life, and no unpleasant wires are all the time in the mouth or eyes. In addition, the manufacturer has gone to environmental choices above, since the headphones are made from recycled plastic: the company participates each product purchased carbon offset trading.

G435 is an excellent option for preferred wireless headphones. Oh, and they seem to näteiltä.

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