New World Server transfers turned off

New World Server Transfers Delayed, This is a Problem
The release and the first weeks of New World should be considered as a great success for Amazon Games. Up to 7 00,000 players simultaneously wanted to be on Aeternum on the go, making a lot of new servers. As a result, however, many players could not start with their friends together on a server. Amazon calmed off the minds with the announcement of free server transfers, which were officially introduced a few days ago.

How important this feature is, one recognizes alone at the number of 150,000 characters that have already used the service according to Amazon. However, in the context of the server transfers, some unsightly bugs appeared. The most serious is undoubtedly the fact that one could multiply gold in the course of a server change – through a so-called Gold Dupe . The exact procedure to deliberately bring about this bug spread rapidly in the forums and social networks.

Obviously, however, the error could not be solved so easily, which is why Amazon the emergency brake moved and the server transfers completely disabled. So if you have not used the free transfer yet, you have to wait now. New World: Server transfers switched off – because of a grave bow (2) Source: Amazon Games

In the worst case, a rollback is imminent

When the character service is released again, that could or Amazon did not want to reveal. What you, on the other hand, is the circumstance that you have collected a lot of data in this regard and want to proceed with all the power against the exploite. This at least hopes that the Worst Case can be turned off. Because if they did not have detailed data about all incidents, only two options remained: the exploiters with their ingredient gold have come from it or a complete server rollback to an earlier date. But that would turn hundreds of thousands of players a lot of meantime made progress – so only the absolute last way out.


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