Refueling in New World Developers finally explain how some things work

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How the Tank System in Amazon s New MMO New World Work has been a small mystery so far. There are gems with which some skills of players spoof the monsters around them, and heal also generates a little threat, but we did not know more. A New World Developer named Chardis has now shared a pretty detailed contribution over the Tank system of the game in the official forums.

According to Chardis, threat of healers is generated 1 to 1 so to speak. So if you heal a player by 150 lives, you generate 150 threat to all monsters that are in combat with you. If you do a healing area in which no player is located, you do not generate any threat. Also no threat is generated if you heal a player who already has full lifestyles.

A mockery gemstone in your weapon to pedestals grants you the ridicule effect and increases the threat generated by you. The higher the rank of the gemstone, the more threat generates you. Also, the nameplate can be seen if an opponent is just focused. If this is the case, the plaque is highlighted in a bright red.

In addition, it is not enough to attack only the opponents in front of you and spoof. If, as Chardis explains, for example, an archer in the background is in the background, the active tank must also spott it because otherwise it does not generate any threat on it. The change of your active weapon or dodge has no effect on threat.

Furthermore, spotting works so that you will only be set to 1th of the threat list. So if you start a fight with a mockery, your generated threat is quite low. Chardis therefore recommends starting the fight with a few other skills or attacks and only afterwards using a ridiculous ability.

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Chardis also addressed a few bugs that found the New World community with the tank system. For example, it should not be possible to find a necklace with a mockery gemstone. The team has already been informed here. Furthermore, there are currently problems with the ridicule status icon and players should prefer to look at the tooltip of any ability. Most recently, cases occur in which K.I opponents race on players who are not in combat, although they have already produced threat. These reports are currently being examined.

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