Martial Arts Action Okinawa Rush PC version delivery start to spread the ninja devil and intense fight Domestic switch version is also coming soon

Publisher No Gravity Games has started delivery of the new artificial action game new work Okinawa rush ( okinawa Rush ) that Sokaikan works.

This work is a mysterious and fantasy Okinawa, and the martial arts, Meirin and Shin, who are martial arts, Meirin, and Shin have a leisurely battle with Black Mantis family. The game is deployed by horizontal scrolling, and it is characteristic that it is characteristic of playing techniques with command input as in a fighting game.

Customized fighter engines that enable unique techniques for each character.

Let s fight with swords, nunchaku and sticks.

The story to be unfolded by the cut scene of the dot picture made by the hand salt is definitely crazy.

Okinawa Rush - Demo | No Gravity Games | Action Game
A number of different enemies that use different attacks and weapons.

Battle with intense boss.

Immediately the arcade mode is complete for the player who wants to jump into the action.

Let s avoid attacks, bullets, traps, what will come to come!

Upload high score and compete with players around the world!

Find a number of secrets and hidden areas!

Play with friends in local Co-OP mode, recover each other and win!

The PC version of Okinawa Rush that supports Japanese is delivered at STeam and (15% off until October 29). The domestic Nintendose switch is scheduled to be delivered on October 28th, PS4 / Xbox ONE version 2022.

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