Bloodborne Two insiders confirm a remaster and a successor

Over the past few months, it was quite stubborn the rumor that the Studio Bluepoint Games specialized on Remaster and Remakes works on a technically revised new edition to Bloodborne .

While the studio should still not comment on the rumors around the Remaster of Bloodborne , there are two known insiders for fresh speculations and abundant conversation these days. On the one hand, Colin Moriarty was reported by load Stand Media, who worked for IGN in the past, and pointed out that Bluepoint Games not only works on a Remaster to Bloodborne according to his information. In addition, he wants to have experienced that the Austin-based studio also deals with the work on a sequel for action role-playing.

Further insiders confirms the development of a sequel

The information provided by Colin Moriarty from the Xbox ERA -mitmer Nick Baker, who has turned over as a reliable source over the past few months when it was the confirmation of still unannounced PlayStation titles. Baker also speaks that Bluepoint Games developers work on a Remaster and a full-fledged successor to Bloodborne . In addition, the work on the PC port of the first part should be as good as completed.

on the subject : Bluepoint Games: works according to an insider in two new projects

Rumors, which have not wanted to express neither Sony Interactive Entertainment nor those responsible by Bluepoint Games themselves. Finally, the studio recently adopted by Sony Interactive Entertainment only spoke about the work on a project based on a complete new brand . Whether Bluepoint Games has sufficient resources to work in parallel with a Remaster and a successor to Bloodborne remains to be seen.

If official statements are about the current rumors around Bloodborne , we will of course immediately bring you to the current state of affairs.

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