Head confused puzzle MONCAGE Hokdardo Dream

Publisher XD has announced that the delivery date of the puzzle game MONCAGE-Hokodo Yume- for Developer Optillusion works on November 16th.

In this work, we will rotate the cube that spreads different worlds to each surface, find connections and solve the puzzle. This mysterious world is also hidden photos with father and son s warmth.

[Illusion puzzle of eyes that stimulate the brain]

Using the brain and imagination, we can witness a miracle by finding out the connection between the uninterested landscape and matter and creating unexpected strange interactions and combining them.

[Collect photos and assemble stories]

There is a story that is waiting for the player to discover and reverse on the back of the puzzle. Collect photos and create a story to unlike the hidden truth.

[Eliminated stalling with multiple hints]

This game is the Ultimate Method for Visual Guide to find important items quickly, text hints to organize puzzle ideas, and finally, absolutely stuck Various puzzle guides such as Video Tips are available.

[Prove my ability with medals]

This work has 15 results, and each fulfillment has a unique medal designed to match the story. If the puzzle expert, please prove with the medal.

MONCAGE-Hokodo Yume- also supports Japanese is scheduled to be delivered for STEAM / IOS / Android (release commemorative discount price).

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