NBA Schr der s restart Money is not all

Dennis Schröder must deliver after joining the Boston Celtics. In the new NBA season he plays for his future.

In the private jet, Dennis Schröder in Boston a little later, Germany s basketball star with wife Ellen and the two children were the chic new family domicile. The 28-year-old suggests a decisive chapter in his career at the NBA record champion Boston Celtics. After the bumped million poker at the Los Angeles Lakers he has to prove himself.

I just want to win, win everything. Everything else does not count, said Schröder after his arrival at the end of September. In the preparation, he had start-up difficulties, he plagued a slight knee prolong. The general rehearsal at the Miami Heat put the Celtics in the sand, Schröder stood in the starting formation and came to 13 points in around 26 minutes of playing. It s serious in the coming week.

From the beginning, from the tip-off of the opening game on Thursday at the New York Knicks, Schröder is in the spotlight of the critics. He had been overflowed with ridicule when he had rejected an offer over $ 84 million for four years over the last season for the Lakers.

In the end, he had to satisfy himself with a one-year contract of over 5.9 million. That he does not look at Schröder. I am 28 years old and will play a long time in the NBA. Money is not all, said the national player: I want to feel good in a situation in which I know that people appreciate me.

But with the most demanded championship, it becomes hard, alone in the east, especially the Brookyln Nets and defending champion Milwaukee Bucks are more important. With the Lakers, in the no less strong west, the chances of thanks to the superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis would be bigger, but Schröder did not feel in California apparently.

Although he only spoke positively about the club, but he had felt not to fit 100 percent . I do not think I ve given to you everything I have to offer, said Schröder, who had placed 15.4 points on average in the past season for LA. Especially for his weak achievements in the play-offs, when the Lakers had failed in the first round, he was criticized.

Although he had never had a contract for the 84-million offer in paper form, the Lakers would have wanted to negotiate after the season, as Schröder reported – Ultimately, Schröder wanted to explore his options on the market. And landed in Boston, where he is in La in the same twick mill as a year.

He has to recommend a contract for a better contract for a better in 2022. However, Schröder does not have to worry about money, because in LA and before the Oklahoma City Thunder, he always conceded the $ 15 million a year. He had a pretty good contract signed after his fourth NBA year, said Schröder, and my family and me, we will have it well. Whether in Boston or elsewhere.

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