Essentials Gaming announces your FIFA Roster 22

There is no doubt that Essentials Gaming has been one of the most structural growth teams within the world of esports. This organic growth has been based on outstanding results of talented young people and a comprehensive and balanced strategy between competition and content creation.

Currently, they have a template of 62 members composed of managers, players, creators of content and other staff of the staff, who actively participate in the disciplines of FIFA, Fortnite, Free Fire and Clash Royale.

In the last year, Essentials Gaming has managed to position itself as one of the best teams of FIFA, as well as they also expanded their operations in North America, Latin America North and Latin America South, being so the The only team to have managed to participate in all live events of EA Sports at North America, accumulating more than 800 thousand views of official transmissions.

And without more preamble, here you can meet the campus for FIFA 22:


  • Magic JS7 from Peru

  • Charly Human of Argentina

  • Santy VZ21 from Argentina

  • Eze Correa of ​​Argentina


  • Arielmc92 from Mexico

  • Crackheber of Mexico

  • Luisrayado de México

  • cjesus de mexico

  • Juniort de México

  • Happy Meal of Mexico

  • juanrilegend of colombia

Having a coach for every two players, as well as a sports psychologist. And just like them, others streamers, players and content creators seek to enter Essentials to enhance their career.

Also, always look for a balance with content creation, with streamers popular as Roxasorg and Rivan, with more than 50 thousand followers and an exhibition scope of more than 700 thousand views. Likewise, always showing gender equity, they have streamers as FIFA girl, one of the best players of FIFA worldwide.

Essentials Gaming has also played the eliga MX, where they had the opportunity to represent Pumas, Xolos, Monterrey and Tigers, and that it had a media scope of more than nine million views.

But even when FIFA is undoubtedly where the team has its most important palmarkets, highlighting in tournaments like:

  • Participation to a Fut Champions Cup in France

  • Champions Challenger Mode Two occasions

  • National Telcel Champions

World Cup 2016  18/09   North America - Finland
– Top2 of the qualifying number two, four and five from North America • Top3 of the qualifying number three and four of North America.

  • Multiple national championships, among other tournaments earned.

The growth of other disciplines is also a strategy of the organization, since its team of Free Fire, positioned as a national multicammete, has been invited to the best tournaments and always have the intention of climbing the main leagues of Clash Royale counting with size players, as the case of Jaqueline player who has been a world top with the national feminine team.

Within its strategy it also includes one of the most important video games of today, especially in the child and youth market, fortnite with professional players such as IHAWK, FEDO, Archive, Dementia and Savceh highlighting in multiple Occasions

But without a doubt, one of the most important achievements of the organization is to have the representative of the national team of FIFA within its ranks, Ariel Moreno, who has achieved with only 17 years to be The national reference leading to Mexico to the World of specialty. Due to the pandemic, he could not play said world in Denmark… However, his capacity, humility and charism has led him to have the nickname of the child prodigy and is undoubtedly one of the best players of the news, from your triumph at telcel challenger in 2019, until it is Top2 of North America and champion of the selection qualifier that was carried out in the high performance center is Without a doubt one of the most important assets of the organization.

He knows a little more about the team on the official website of him.

Source: Official Statement

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