Referee does not come B youth

The story, which wrote the portal HL-Sports is worth it, is worth told nationwide, it raises a seemed light on such a highly current problem in amateur foot: it started with the fact that the arbitrator saturated Saturday afternoon to the sports facility at the Travemünder Allee drove and realized that there were no teams ready. Why, too, he had deceived, the game was only scheduled for Sunday. On this day, however, the divided impartial itself had a dedication as an active footballer. A substitute referee was not getting on the quick; Referee defect – a nationwide ever-increasing problem.

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Cancel? Is not, because if a team does not start, this automatically draws a penalty. In addition, the respective home association is responsible for ensuring a neutral game line. In order to risk no penalty, the B-youth teams of Phoenix Lübeck and the Attsv Stockelsdorf II went to the place. Without official referee, since none of the viewers present – predominantly parents of the players – due to recent violins in local amateur football was ready to go to the pipe. It was 15: 3 for the hosts 20 minutes before the end, but so well probably did not feel of the two teams. So the defense series set the work, goals fell on the assembly line, came out a 40:35.

As HL-Sports experienced after consultation at both clubs, it was a protest against lack of flexibility in the Articles of Association: The play order does not allow two teams in mutual agreement in the short term to move a game to another appointment.

From a bandage side, both teams obviously have little to fear, after all, the game was terminated properly. Only the game report should not have been completely filled out correctly, so the association could possibly come with a sanction around the corner. Even the association of the arbitrator in the wrong day to the sports premises could still get mail from the association.

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