The creators of Doom and Quake are hiring personnel for an FPS of long term iconic action

The launch of the last two doom has returned on the map to a software ID that has given great successes in the past within the First Person Shooter.

With the return of its most iconic saga, many wonder what your next development project will be. Well, small data comes to us thanks to a series of job offers.

Zenimax, a company that includes a number of studies, including ID Software, has launched a series of offers Based in Dallas, where the developer is residing.

Quake: Remastered 90s Boomer Shooter That Still Lives In Modern Games
The descriptions of these works offer an interesting description of what could be cooking: an FPS of long-term iconic action with science fiction and fantasy environments.

This has made many wonder what sagging first-person shooting could be in the Hurricane s eye. Since Machine Games is with Wolfenstein and Avalanche with Rage, We would have the franchises of ID Software.

Many think that Quake s return would be setting out, since Eternal Doom has launched relatively recently, so a new delivery may not have too much sense. The game presented its Horde mode does nothing.

In addition, the improved edition of the original Quake was launched recently. Here we analyze Quake Remastered, the most classic dark fantasy shooter of Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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For more InRI, next year 25 years of Quake premiere will be met. However, this is to build on the clouds and there is nothing guaranteed for these assumptions. It will be necessary to continue waiting for new official revelations.

We remember that now, ID Software belongs to Microsoft, after the purchase of all the studies that make up Zenimax and Bethesda. What plans have those of Redmond reserved for so many iconic sagas?

Sources: Gamesradar

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