LOL the definitive Kai sa does not work if this skill is not uploaded

The League of Legends has numerous secrets and curiosities that very few people know, that although they are not very relevant for any sort of classification serves to know how a character works perfectly. Well, this time we will talk about Kai sa, one of the more played and dear champions both by Riot Games and by the lower lane players thanks to its incredible gameplay, damage and Engage in the group fights that can decide On numerous occasions a game of ours show Soloq if we â € ™ in We have enough. Specifically, we will talk about the definitive of it of her and synergy of her with one of her s main skills to fight her: The rain of Iceathia or the Q of her.

Kai’Sa Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

The Reddit user Gilian95 showed yesterday a interaction quite curious and moderately important and that many people had not noticed: The definitive Kai sa can not be used if We do not have any point when uploaded. Although it seems nonsense and something that probably never happens, it is a relevant data regarding the development of the champion since it would probably have developed its killer instinct, calculating the rank of Q and that is why not being activated, it does not find any rank for To be able to use its final until at least one point is uploaded.

This is one of the innumerable examples that only the most experts of the champion know and that despite not influencing a lot in games is a good way of knowing how they left to use the definitive and study the rank of it. Although League of Legends look very simple for first, Some champions have enough depth and until you have a huge number of games with him you do not know how to take advantage of the champion as it happens with Riven, Lee without or even Gangplank.

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