Mario Party Superstars conquers the Japanese market and Nintendo Switch OLED stabilizes its sales

Spend one more week in Japanese territory, and it is reiterated once again the Nintendo Leadership in its market. After all, the Great N has starred the latest sales in Japan through its latest game, Mario Party Superstars, and the various models of Nintendo Switch, who do not stop accumulating sales. Therefore, and after a week marked by the leadership of guardians of the night: Kimetsu no Yaiba – the Chronicles of Hinokami, Nintendo returns to the first positions in all the lists of the country.

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Mario Party Superstars is NOT what I expected...

In Hardware, Nintendo Switch triumphs next to the OLED version As Famitsu shares again, the aforementioned Mario Party Superstars debuts in its first week, followed by another novelty that has caught the attention of the market Japanese: Super Robot Wars 30. A tactical RPG of wicks That, although it has not been promoted for these Lares, it has captivated the Japanese public to the point of becoming a hole in the Top 10 with its PS4 versions and Nintendo Switch. And, following with the Recent releases, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water has also been placed in high positions from the list with editions for Nintendo and PlayStation consoles.

After all these novelties, guardians of the night: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Chronicles of Hinokami has moved to seventh position, followed closely by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that, despite having finished his fighting template, it continues to be firm between the most popular titles. To finish, and as it could not be otherwise, the Top has the presence of eternal deliveries as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Minecraft, whose success is also perceived in other countries.

As for consoles, and repeating the information given in the first paragraph, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Oled are placed as the most popular consoles in Japan. In the case of the latest version launched by the Japanese company, it seems that its sales have stabilized after a week in which the numbers of the original Nintendo switch. Now, both models are located around 30,000 units sold, a figure that remains something away from PS5 and its 11,500 consoles sold. Finishing with Xbox, the versions of Xbox Series X and S have achieved more than 1,000 units each, which adds to the increase in the popularity of the brand in the Japanese territory. If you want to know all the data, you can consult the lists you have below:

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