Glasner One or the other runs on the last tissue

from Piraeus reports Julian France

The beautiful weather on the Greek coast enjoyed the Frankfurter traveler as long as possible. On Friday morning, coach Oliver Glaser arranged at sunshine and over 20 degrees a relaxed on-site training, then there was a detour to the sea before the plane lifted home. The good mood and the polished self-confidence after victory in Piraeus (2: 1) should be felt on Sunday evening Reuther Fürth.

Can the Contract take the momentum this time? Brings the last minute success in Piraeus the decisive boost for the league? We have to deliver this proof on Sunday, calls Glaser. Lastly, that did not work. Two weeks ago followed the 3-1 against Olympiads Piraeus at home three days later in Bochum a sobering 0: 2. This time it goes to the table deadline for Fürth, where anything but a victory would be a Herbert setback. With a threesome, Contract absolutely intends to take the freshly recovered self-confidence in the international lead pause and settle something from the descent zone. We know that they have a few injuries and corona care. But they will try to go into play with high intensity. We must accept this fight, says, says: It is important to take this momentum and joy. In Fürth, we have to mobilize all forces.

No easy task given the short time for regeneration and preparation. One or the other runs on the last peaks, reports the coach. Personnel he will rebuild his elf with security. The directed Martin Interledger is likely to return to the internal defense, which rotate in Piraeus weak Laymen Bartok and Sam Hammers on the bench. It is still open whether Filip Poetic (Achilles Tendon Problems), Aidin Rustic (Ankle Problems) and Erik Dorm (gastrointestinal infection) are available. Gonzalo Valencia (thigh injury) and Christopher Lens (Ferries) will definitely return only after the international break.

Caution at Poetic: He already has the problem for a long time

Caution is offered especially at Poetic. He already has the problem at the Achilles tendon. We have to be careful not to get worse and chronic, guards Glaser. There is absolutely avoiding a longer-term failure of the service provider, especially in view of the tightly clocked program before Christmas. Would he be five weeks, the eight games would be, calculates Glaser.

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Good possible that in Fürth the Joker Jesper Windstorm or Jens Better Have successful in Piraeus again get a chance from the beginning. Maybe even Reign Ache is an alternative. The 23-year-old was not there in Piraeus because he is not reported for the Europa League. With his physical force and header, he might be the right man to provide Fürth Misty Parole. However, Ache under GLASER has not played almost no role, which is why a start-up nomination would be surprising.

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